The GSA Schedule, also known as Federal Supply Schedule, and Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), is a long-term governmentwide contract with commercial companies that provide access to millions of commercial products and services at fair and reasonable prices to the government.
For buyers, GSA MAS saves agencies time and money. MAS makes buying easy and efficient with the use of modern technology to connect government buyers and industry.

GSA MAS Benefits

Regulatory Compliance, GSA has negotiated commercial item terms and conditions, under FAR Part 12
Fair and Reasonable Pricing, Since GSA has already determined that prices under GSA Schedule contracts are fair and reasonable.
Fast Order Placements, streamlined ordering procedures allow agencies to purchase commercial supplies and services much faster than buying through open-market procedures.
Full Product and Broad Service Offerings, GSA MAS gives contractors the opportunity to offer worldwide coverage.

GSA Advantage! is an online government shopping and ordering system run by the General Services Administration for use by government and providing access to thousands of contractors and millions of products and services.


Nativa Inc. GSA MAS Schedule

Contract #: 47QRAA21D007G
GSA Advantage:
FSC Class: R701
Contract Period: June 30, 2021 – June 29, 2026
POC: Eric Diaz, Program Manager
Ph: 650-530-6508