As Bilingual Analyst, Samantha utilizes the OYE! proprietary software platform to identify social media micro-influencers whom would represent Nativa clients well. Samantha, who attended Universidad Estatal de Sonora prior to moving to Arizona, does this by matching the core tone of clients’ products with users that fit demographics specified by the brand. Samantha handles all elements of this service for Nativa including creating product mixes, as well as managing fulfillment, and reducing costs.

Additionally, Samantha creates client reports monthly based off results obtained from Nativa services including user-generated content (UGC) social media posts produced. Finally, Samantha monitors results on variants of messages and product mixes to obtain the best results for Nativa clients.

Since you asked…

Samantha proudly claims to talk to herself. She even laughs and makes faces while thinking aloud; at times her poor husband thinks she’s speaking to him but of course, she is not.