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Which Tiktok marketing strategies have been effective in 2022?

To help you best promote content on TikTok, we asked social media managers and marketing professionals this question for their best strategies. From using trending audio to avoiding videos longer than one minute, there are many tips that may help you adopt better strategies to effectively market your brand on TikTok.

Here are 10 TikTok marketing tips for 2022:

  • Post Consistently and Thoughtfully
  • Use Trending Audios
  • Focus On Creating Educational Videos
  • Run a Competitive Audit To Inform Your TikTok Approach
  • Capitalize on TikTok Trends To Build a Community
  • Organize Fun Challenges
  • Create Long-Term Relationships With Tiktok Influencers
  • Use Hashtags as SEO Keywords
  • Connect With Audiences Via TikTok Video Descriptions
  • Avoid Making Videos Longer Than One Minute

Post Consistently and Thoughtfully

Account Manager Gabriela Galeano of Nativa adds, “TikTok is one of those social platforms that rewards frequent posting. The more videos you post to your TikTok account, the higher your follower rate is likely to be. Spend some time scrolling through your For You page for inspiration. Also, keep a consistent schedule and research your industry. It is important to find out when your audience is most likely to open TikTok and engage with your content.”

Use Trending Audios

Maryia Fokina of Tidio explains, “On TikTok, trending music is a game-changer in terms of user engagement. Following the trends and using the sounds that are popular at the moment increases the chances that your content will be noticed and that people will interact with it, further spreading the word about your brand.”

Focus on Creating Educational Videos

Jerica Fornis of Virtudesk shares, “So far, one of the most effective strategies that we are using for Tiktok includes sharing and creating educational videos, tips, and hacks. In our case, we are always sharing PC tips and tricks like, how to easily create a graph on Google Sheets (or Excel), how to optimize your PC, insert tables in excel, sort your data shortcuts, etc. We found them highly engaging and our audience loves them because these tricks and hacks save them precious time. Keep your videos short and catchy to keep them engaged.

Run a Competitive Audit To Inform Your TikTok Approach

Jonathan Zacharias of GR0 informs, “Running a competitive audit can be a simple strategy that can inform your TikTok marketing approach. If you are not on TikTok but your competition is, chances are you are losing potential business. Alternatively, if they are not, you can have a significant advantage if you choose to use the platform.” 

“Do your homework and look for a handful of companies in your industry and see how they utilize the app. Absorb the information you learn about what they are doing well and what looks cheesy or out of place. Then, you can tailor your strategy to stand out in the competitive world of TikTok in 2022 and beyond.

Capitalize on TikTok Trends To Build a Community

Bill Lyons of Griffin Funding advises, “Your marketing strategy has to be both strategic and effective, and that can be done by capitalizing on TikTok trends to build a community. Trends have become such a big part of Tiktok, with users finding new creators who they feel a connection with. You want to make sure you are making TikTok on what is trending at the moment and put your own personal or branded spin on it. Focusing on trends is a great way to bring brand awareness, which in turn will lead to building and establishing a community with your consumers.” 

“Building a community with the users who come across you on their algorithm will increase your reach with users who are interested in the same thing. Tiktok is a fun way to interact with users and a great way to start is with trends!”

Organize Fun Challenges

Shaun Connell of Connell Media conveys, “Challenges have been a very effective marketing strategy on TikTok because it provides a fun, interactive way for users to engage with your brand. TikTok users love participating in challenges, and it has the potential to go viral, which means more exposure for your business and better brand awareness overall.”

“The word-of-mouth effect is also strong with these posts—people love talking about it with their friends. The fact that challenges involve interaction is also a big plus. It allows users to take the challenge and post videos that show off how they performed the challenge, which creates a ripple effect and encourages other users to participate in it.”

Create Long-Term Relationships With Tiktok Influencers

Ayman Zaidi of GreatPeopleSearch believes, “Consumers are increasingly seeking content on TikTok that entertains and educates them since influencer marketing has transformed into a creator-driven ecosystem. Your brand should work with producers who can bring your marketing message to life in meaningful ways on TikTok and Instagram to rejuvenate your influencer strategy.”

Use Hashtags as SEO Keywords

Jessica Tasios of Ora Dental informs, “Using hashtags as SEO optimization is the number one way to create great marketing with TikTok videos. Short-form videos are beginning to be indexed by Google Search so the hashtags make for a crucial way to get your video seen on searches as well as other social platforms.”

“Good hashtags will use keyword discovery to send your target audience to your videos. Hashtags must be the types that everyone is using rather than unique ones. They should be viewed the same as you see keywords since their purpose is to get picked up by search engines and viewers.”

Connect With Audiences Via TikTok Video Descriptions

Maneesh Sharma of Donorbox determines, “An effective Tiktok marketing strategy that businesses can use is to start engaging with their customers through Tiktok video descriptions. With Tiktok video descriptions, businesses can initiate communication with their target audience. An appealing Tiktok description encourages viewers to engage, post their views and discuss them in the comment section. Active users learn more about products/services the businesses are offering. It helps in building a relationship with their audience and building communities that will become loyal to their brand.

Avoid Making Videos Longer Than One Minute

Lydia Mwangi of Soul Canvas Ink answers, “I am very active on TikTok and I notice that when a video gets longer than one minute, you’ll have lost me. People on TikTok want short and entertaining videos. These videos are watched to the end and because of this, your video will be on so many people’s ‘for you page’. A short video makes sure that the watch time will be high, and because of this, you gain many likes and followers. Ever wondered how a video just appears on your ‘for you page’? It’s because a lot of people who click on it are watching it to the end, and as a result, it is suggested for you. Make short, entertaining videos, even 15 seconds if possible. This is very very effective.”

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