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To understand how content creation can celebrate cultural diversity and foster a sense of belonging, we sought insights from founders and a Chief DEIB Officer. From inclusive marketing for brand growth and consumer loyalty to online art platforms that showcase cultural diversity, here are the top four examples they shared.

4 Examples of Content Creation and Celebrating Cultural Diversity

  • Inclusive Marketing: Brand Growth and Consumer Loyalty
  • Collaborative Mural Project: Unity Amidst Diversity
  • Podcast Network: Amplifying Diverse Voices
  • Online Art Platforms: Showcasing Cultural Diversity

Inclusive Marketing: Brand Growth and Consumer Loyalty

Nancy Diaz, Vice President and Chief Officer of a multicultural marketing agency advises that “inclusive marketing is imperative to a brand’s growth and consumer loyalty. When brands create in-culture content that celebrates and reflects the diverse communities they serve through positive portrayals of different identities, it helps diminish the stereotypes and cultural biases of those segments.” 

She says that inclusive marketing “enables brands to make meaningful connections with diverse consumers, resulting in brand trust, growth, and social impact for the business and the community. Great brand examples of inclusive marketing content include McDonald’s, L’Oreal, and Reckitt. ” 

To give some statistics, in a study conducted through her multicultural marketing agency, Diaz found that consumers are “4-5 times more likely to support brands that persevere in their DEI positions in the face of criticism, yet 61% still feel underrepresented.”

Collaborative Mural Project: Unity Amidst Diversity

Ben Lau, founder of an online SEO company, presents the idea of having a collaborative art project where artists of any background can unite and create a mural that illustrates diversity and unity.

Lau highlights this ideal: “By incorporating diverse artistic styles, symbols, and themes, this project celebrates cultural diversity and fosters a sense of belonging. The process of creating the mural allows artists to engage in dialogue, share their experiences, and learn from one another. The final artwork becomes a powerful visual representation of unity amidst diversity, inspiring viewers to embrace cultural differences and promoting a sense of belonging within the community.” 

Podcast Network: Amplifying Diverse Voices

Roy Lau, co-founder of a mortgage company, suggests hosting podcasts by individuals from different cultural backgrounds. Lau believes doing so “fosters inclusivity and celebrates diversity through the amplification of diverse voices and perspectives.” 

He showcases this methodology through his example of a podcast network that can feature “shows hosted by individuals from different countries, discussing topics related to their culture, history, traditions, and current events.”

Online Art Platforms: Showcasing Cultural Diversity

Yoana Wong, co-founder of a floral distributor company, restates the importance of celebrating cultural diversity on your online platform. She states, “Online platforms dedicated to showcasing artwork from diverse backgrounds celebrate cultural diversity and foster a sense of belonging. These platforms provide a space for underrepresented artists to gain exposure, promoting inclusivity in the art community.” 

Wong explains, “By featuring diverse artwork, these platforms highlight the beauty and uniqueness of various cultures, encouraging appreciation and understanding. One example is the Global Art Hub, an online platform featuring artists from different countries and cultural backgrounds, showcasing their diverse artwork and promoting cultural exchange.”


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