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Case Studies
June 23, 2014

Case Study: Mundo Fox -Hispanic Market Research for New Fox Network

Brief Fox commissioned Nativa to find what Hispanics thought about shows such as El Capo among other programming. The Nativa team was assigned the task to identify and evaluate the current online awareness for a…
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Multicultural Sports Marketing
September 28, 2012

Hispanic NBA Players a Hit with Latino Fans

Top Hispanic NBA Players Rake in Conversations Between Seasons Who knew Hispanic basketball players were still a major topic of conversation in the off-season? It seems that even when they’re not on the court, NBA…
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Spanish Sentiment Analysis
December 22, 2010

Sentiment Analysis: Bad reputation in English = Bad reputation in Spanish?

A few weeks back we gave a presentation during the webinar, "Best Practices on Measuring Hispanic Social Media Campaigns " about sentiment analysis and the differences one may find between what is said in English…
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