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Above is a resource that can be found on the CDC LGBT Reasons website which can be used to create awareness of the importance of HIV testing for people of all sexual orientations.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in collaboration with FHI 360, reached out to the Nativa advertising agency to help them understand how LGBT Latino men seeking men (MSM) communicated on social platforms. In addition to this, the CDC needed to identify the tone of conversation and the reach of their current marketing efforts with the Reasons awareness campaign among Latino LGBT. Finally, the CDC wanted to identify the main opinion leaders in the Latino LGBT community in order to partner with them in promoting the importance of HIV testing and drive engagement to different community events.

Here we see a Latino Instagram user describing the importance of getting tested regardless of your orientation.


In order to fully capture the objectives of this project, the Nativa advertising agency used a wide range of automated and manual search tools to capture online conversations by Latino LGBT throughout different social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and even Vine. The same tools were used to identify opinion leaders at the local and national level that could help support the current efforts of the Reasons campaign.


The Nativa advertising agency successfully captured, categorized and analyzed the data allowing the CDC to better comprehend the behaviors shown by the Latino LGBT community throughout different social platforms. The team was able to identify that different types of conversation happened on different social platforms with Twitter being more informative and Instagram more personal in nature. The Nativa advertising agency was also able to successfully identify and connect the client with local and national opinion leaders that would function as ambassadors for the Reasons campaign and partner alongside the organization to promote the importance of HIV testing among the Latino LGBT community.

Here we see another Latino Instagram user showing the almost emptied HIV test vending machines, illustrating the usefulness of these at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center.

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