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My journey through the internship with Nativa has taught me a lot. My name is Omar Lascares, and I am fortunate enough to have worked with The Nativa throughout this 2023 Fall Semester. I am a sophomore at Phoenix Community College studying to achieve an Associate in General Business with a minor in Small Business Management. Although I am a business major, my liking for marketing sparked when I met Eric, the co-founder of Nativa. Given that marketing and business go hand in hand, I took it upon myself to explore the marketing world through firsthand experiences to strengthen and help develop my skills in the marketing industry. 

Embarking on an internship with Nativa Marketing was more than just a professional opportunity; it was an experience that allowed me to dive into the dynamic world of marketing. Throughout my internship, I worked on exciting projects with renowned brands such as Got2B and collaborated with the Coconino County Health Department. 

The Nativa Marketing Experience:

From day one, Nativa provided me an immersive environment that encouraged creativity, collaboration, and innovation. I enjoyed working alongside professionals in their industry who mentored me and empowered me to contribute meaningfully to client campaigns. One of my best works was advertising the topic of artificial intelligence through a blog. Our co-founder, Eric Diaz, led the presentation on AI to reach a wider audience and inform consumers about this revolutionary technology.  

Got2B Campaign Influencer Search 

One of the projects during my journey through the internship was collaborating with Got2B, a prominent hair brand. Our objective was to create a digital marketing campaign that resonated with the brand’s target audience and elevated its online presence. From brainstorming sessions to execution, every step of the process was a learning experience.

I explored innovative content ideas, leveraging social media platforms to connect with the audience authentically. My focus on providing great influencers that met Got2B’s requirements resulted in a campaign establishing a connection with consumers. 

Coconino County Health Department Partnership

My journey through the internship also involved working on a Coconino County Health Department project. This collaboration allowed me to contribute to a cause transcending traditional marketing objectives. Our goal was to raise awareness about public health issues, specifically COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccinations, emphasize preventive measures, and push for community engagement.

Through a social media campaign focusing on advertisements for community outreach initiatives, we aimed to educate and empower individuals to take charge of their health. My role enabled a strategic approach to distributing the messages smoothly, as I helped audit all social media outlets to ensure that the message reached its destination. The experience underscored the impact marketing can have on public welfare, showcasing the importance of using our skills to address pressing societal concerns.                                                                                                              

Working Hard or Hardly Working?


My journey through the internship with The Nativa Marketing has been invaluable to my professional journey. From refining my marketing skills to understanding the significance of cultural messages in communication, every aspect of the experience contributed to my growth. The collaborations I got involved in provided me with invaluable hands-on experience that I will take into the rest of my professional career. 

As I step into the next phase of my career, I carry with me the lessons learned and the relationships forged during this internship. Nativa Marketing equipped me with practical skills and instilled in me a passion for purpose-driven marketing. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been part of a team that values innovation and prioritizes making a positive impact in the world.


My journey through the internship with Nativa has been a journey of discovery, growth, and meaningful contributions. As I look forward to applying the skills and knowledge gained, this experience that Eric has granted me will continue to shape my approach to marketing in the years to come.




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