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Gabriela Galeano officially joined the Nativa team in June of 2022 utilizing her multicultural business and marketing skills as an Account Manager. What led Gaby to this position was a long journey of learning beginning with her mother’s career path. Growing up in Bogota, Colombia, Gabriela worked hard to help her mother provide for her. From a young age, she took inspiration from her mother’s work in international business. The nature of the work required constant relocation which had Gaby hopping from school to school spending no more than 2 years at each one. Moving around constantly, Gaby’s adaptability and cultural awareness skills were rapidly developed. Gabriela worked under her mother within her marketing agency learning valuable skills and shaping her interests. Coming to the United States in 2018, Gabriela quickly began learning English and enrolled at Arizona State University where she studied Business Management with a minor in Fashion. Alongside her degree program, Gaby picked up multiple complementary online certifications through programs such as Platzi, Udemy, and SAFe. After graduating, Gabriela discovered an opportunity with Nativa through Handshake and successfully joined the team.


As an Account Manager, Gaby is constantly sharpening and employing her skills of project management, marketing research, and strategy development. Communication is key at Nativa and what Gaby loves about what she does is the diverse range of clients she gets the chance to interact with. “Every day is a new day.” She says, “With some jobs you wake up and groan about having to go to work but that is definitely not the case here.” Gabriela loves the opportunity Nativa provides to put her background of living in Colombia and Chile to use working with the Latin American community. Along with this, she is given the opportunity to be flexible and apply her own perspective to problem solving and has gained a lot of confidence through the job. 



Gabriela sees every obstacle as something to learn from. From a young age Gaby faced many challenges, but where she stands now those experiences shaped her into the multi-talented individual she is today. At Nativa, the biggest obstacle she faces can be appropriately managing her time. Instead of seeing this as something to complain about, however, she takes it as yet another area to grow from. 

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