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UGC on the Rise

The rise of UGC (user-generated content) is rampant. Many brands and organizations advocate for this brand-specific social media content in their creative marketing and ads. UGC can be shared as photos, videos, reviews, and many other types. This content builds trust among consumers in the market.

Why UGC is Important

Consumers trust UGC from consumers who are using the products of specific brands. This is an opportunity for brands to create a trusting relationship with their consumers. According to the article, The Complete Brand Guide to TikTok User-Generated Content, “Brands that utilize UGC are 2.4x more likely to be viewed by consumers in comparison to brand-produced content.” The reason is that the message coming across to consumers seems more genuine from a third party rather than the brand creating commercialized advertising.

How TikTok Can Help Raise Your Brand Awareness

If your brand does not own a TikTok, now is a great time to create one! TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms today. TikTok features videos of up to 3 minutes in duration, which is more than enough time to get your brand’s name to your audience. While your brand works with influencers, it is important to have an owned account for consumers to check out your page and gather any information they need to be encouraged to purchase your product.

‘Sparking’ to Engage Target Audiences

Using TikTok UGC in your paid TikTok marketing strategy will appear natively and authentically to your targeted audience. The two types of ads to run while you work on UGC with your creators are Custom Identity ads and Spark Ads. The nice thing about Custom Identity ads is you can publish them without using a TikTok account. To use Custom Identity, you’ll need to enter your Display Name and Profile Image.

Spark ads are a native-ad format that allows you to put weight behind any organic TikTok posts, especially UGS created by other creators, and build more results for your brand. The Spark Ad is directed toward your target market and can also be expanded toward new audiences to help you gain more consumers.

Finding UGC Creators

Many different social media platforms can be used to help generate UGC. Some brands use software such as O.Y.E. Business Intelligence to help them find the right influencers. Brand followers, employees, influencers, and content creators can generate UGC. It is important to note that it is okay to start small when partnering with content creators. Creators with less than 100k followers are known to have higher interactions with consumers and lower employment rates. Because they have higher interaction rates, they can convert their followers at a higher rate compared to accounts with higher followings. A recent article, 8 Trends In User Generated Content, stated the importance of micro-influencers (typically creators with less than 100K followers), “Many brands recognize that micro-influencers offer better R.O.I. than macro-influencers, whose audiences are typically more diffused.”

A Personalized Approach to Drive UGC

A more personalized approach is recommended when you have found a creator you wish to promote your brand. Sending them a customized email or DM explaining what you do and how you think they will be great to promote your brand makes them feel a genuine connection with your brand. This connection will help them provide better organic UGC for you too! When creators have a relationship with the brand, they can become natural brand advocates that users will trust. They will become that perfect bridge between you and your consumer. 

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