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Digital marketing trends are essential to comprehend in business. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve. We’ve gathered insights from 13 industry leaders, including CEOs, founders, and digital marketing executives, to help you navigate this terrain. From boosting revenue with dynamic pricing to elevating your strategy with link building, discover the top digital marketing trends to incorporate into your strategy.

  • Increase Revenue With Dynamic Pricing
  • Expand Reach With Content Syndication
  • Engage Customers With Video Marketing
  • Bridge Gaps With Augmented Reality
  • Understand Customers With AI Sentiment Analysis
  • Boost Engagement With Personalized Marketing
  • Invest in LinkedIn Personal Branding
  • Attract Traffic With SEO Topical Authority
  • Enhance Visibility With Schema Markup
  • Differentiate With AI-Powered Personalization
  • Refine Visibility With Employee Advocacy Program
  • Attract Audience With GIF Marketing
  • Elevate Strategy With Link Building

Increase Revenue With Dynamic Pricing

Himanshu Sharma is a CEO and Founder providing one of the digital marketing trends. “Dynamic pricing has been a game-changer for our startup, propelling our success to new heights. By implementing a flexible pricing strategy that adapts to market demand and customer behavior, we’ve experienced substantial growth. 

According to a study by McKinsey, companies that utilize dynamic pricing see a 2-5% increase in revenue and a 5-10% boost in profitability. For example, we analyzed customer data and market trends to identify peak demand periods and adjust prices accordingly. 

During high-demand periods, we increased prices slightly, capitalizing on customers’ willingness to pay more. During slower periods, we strategically offered discounts or promotions to stimulate sales. As a result, we achieved a remarkable 15% increase in revenue and a 12% improvement in profitability.”

Expand Reach With Content Syndication

Founder and Director, Alli Hill shares insight about expanding research with content syndication. “I’ve recently started offering content syndication as a service to my freelance writing clients. This service takes the bite out of manual outreach in trying to get content posted to other websites. 

Blog syndication refers to having a blog article published on multiple reputable sites. These sites can publish the content in full using a canonical tag (to avoid plagiarism penalties), which helps the brand get its content in front of a wider audience. 

It’s a great way to build brand awareness and increase the reach of a single piece of content. It’s also highly cost-effective, especially when you consider the time it would take to connect with hundreds of publishers manually.”

Engage Customers With Video Marketing

Annie Everill is a Digital Marketing Executing describing one of the digital marketing trends. “Content marketing is one of the biggest parts of a digital marketing strategy, but with this, comes a constant stream of new trends, updates, and customer demands. 

Offering originality and creativity, video marketing is a key technique to use in today’s world as it meets the needs of a modern-day active customer. Customers nowadays are looking for quick, simple content which immediately captivates and influences action. 

Due to the influx of mobile usage and social media, using video marketing offers an interactive way of communicating and selling, moving away from traditional static content which no longer holds the attention of a buyer/reader. Whether it’s a video ad, TikTok video, or reel, this content feature is on the rise.”

Bridge Gaps With Augmented Reality

Vice President of Marketing, Monu Kalsi talks about bridge gaps with augmented reality. “Incorporating augmented reality (AR) technology into physical stores or events can bridge the gap between offline and online interactions. Customers can use smartphones to scan products and instantly access additional information, interactive experiences, or exclusive offers. 

Marketing leaders should explore new ways to blend physical and digital touchpoints to create immersive and memorable experiences. This is how customers will stay engaged throughout their journey.”

Understand Customers With AI Sentiment Analysis

Casey Preston is a CRO and Founder explaining one of the digital marketing trends. “One digital marketing trend companies should consider is leveraging AI tools for sentiment analysis. AI-powered sentiment analysis helps understand customer emotions, opinions, and attitudes expressed online. 

It provides valuable insights into brand perception, identifies trends, and enables data-driven decision-making. By addressing negative sentiment promptly and engaging brand advocates, companies can improve customer satisfaction and amplify their brand reach.

Leveraging AI tools for sentiment analysis allows businesses to stay ahead in the competitive digital landscape and create impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with their target audience. By utilizing the power of AI, companies can unlock valuable customer insights, drive engagement, and build a positive brand image.”

Boost Engagement With Personalized Marketing

Digital Marketing and Leadership Consultant for Startups, Dennis Consorte describes the significance of boosting engagement with personalized marketing. “Try personalized marketing. It involves tailoring messages, offers, and experiences to individual customers based on their preferences and behaviors. Personalization improves customer experience by providing relevant content and recommendations. 

It also boosts engagement and conversion rates by capturing customer attention and delivering targeted messages. It fosters brand loyalty and advocacy by showing customers their preferences are valued. 

It relies on data-driven insights to optimize strategies continuously. One way to start is by segmenting your email list and delivering different messaging to each cohort that aligns with their interests. Just be mindful of privacy rules and regulations.”

Invest in LinkedIn Personal Branding

Matt Parkin is a Founder analyzes one of the digital marketing trends. “Every company should consider investing time into helping employees build personal brands on LinkedIn. The algorithm pushes personal page content more than company page content as users prefer engaging with other people. 

Creating organic content on your personal page, regardless of whether you’re posting content directly related to your business or not, can get you thousands of people seeing your posts and viewing your profile each week, creating a direct funnel to your website. This can be helpful in attracting clients and job seekers.”

Attract Traffic With SEO Topical Authority

Founder, Brian Campbell reports the importance of SEO topical authority to attract traffic. “As a hands-on business owner running my own small company and doing my own SEO strategies, I think companies should seriously consider incorporating SEO topical authority into their strategy. 

In this strategy, I establish myself as a trusted source of information on specific subjects within my industry. I research trending topics and relevant keywords, choose ones that the target audience is interested in but the ones I am an expert of, and create content with high-quality meaningful insights. The results? I have established my authority in that area, attracting more readers to my website and ultimately leading to increased site traffic.

With the rising popularity of AI and mass-produced content, people won’t waste their time wading through waves of content they don’t need. They’ll be looking for answers that are on point, and I make sure to be the expert that gives those to them.”

Enhance Visibility With Schema Markup

Mashiat Maswood is an SEO strategist illustrating one of the digital marketing trends. “One digital marketing trend that companies should definitely consider incorporating into their strategy is schema markup. Schema markup, particularly in the realm of technical SEO, plays a crucial role in helping AI-based search engines better understand and interpret website content. 

By adding schema markup to your web pages, you provide search engines with structured data that explicitly defines the context and meaning of your content. This can lead to enhanced search engine visibility, improved organic rankings, and higher click-through rates. 

Schema markup empowers search engines to display rich snippets and other informative elements in search results, making your website stand out and providing users with valuable information before visiting your site. 

Integrating schema markup into your digital marketing strategy can greatly optimize your online presence and boost your visibility in the increasingly competitive search landscape.”

Differentiate With AI-Powered Personalization

Creative Lead and Owner, Jason Rutel provides a meaningful insight about differentiating with AI-powered personalization. “AI-powered personalization is one marketing trend that stands out these days. AI-powered personalization goes beyond simply including a client’s name in an email, relying on data analytics and artificial intelligence to understand customers’ interactions and preferences.

Marketers can use an AI-powered personalization approach to predict customer behavior, map their journeys, and deliver tailored experiences. Companies that incorporate AI-powered personalization into their strategies may see increased customer engagement, increased brand loyalty, and improved marketing ROI.

I highly suggest that businesses seriously consider implementing AI personalization to differentiate themselves and ensure marketing success.”

Refine Visibility With Employee Advocacy Program

Martin Potocki is a CEO and explains one of the digital marketing trends. “One trend that often gets overlooked in digital marketing strategies is the Employee Advocacy Program. Employees can be a company’s best brand ambassadors. They understand the business and its values in-depth, which makes their endorsement of the brand more authentic and trustworthy.

Encouraging employees to share company updates, achievements, or even their personal work-related experiences on their social media channels can greatly boost a company’s online visibility. It also helps build a positive and relatable brand image. 

After all, people trust people, so leveraging the networks of your employees can be a very powerful marketing tool. It’s a win-win strategy, benefiting both the brand and the employees, who get to enhance their personal and professional profiles.”

Attract Audience With GIF Marketing

Founder, Keva Epale adds another relevant perception. “GIFs are everywhere and are available as add-ons to communicate and share emotions to an audience, within companies, for families and friends—they are used massively daily, yet they are not considered a leading marketing strategy and move.

A collection of GIFs celebrating the values, mindset, vibe, new products, services, and even the founders of a company could help your company be on the radar of your audience and beyond.

As a company, after your branding staples are crafted, why not express them into a Giphy channel for your company? Following collections you could share key goals and objectives. 

A collection celebrating the behind-the-scenes, stickers expressing your manifesto or brand values shareable with your followers. A collection promoting your services and testimonials of clients.

It can be playful, serious, innovative, disruptive, you decide. It is an alternative space where you are discoverable and possibly can become a magnet to your new target audience.”

Elevate Strategy With Link Building

Wendy Makinson is an HR Manager contributing one of the digital marketing trends. “Link building should be a core focus of any company looking to elevate its digital marketing strategy. 

Specifically, reactive PR is a great “trend” to be a part of, as you can land some incredible backlinks by reacting to news and providing expert insights to journalists.”


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