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My first Internship

The whole Nativa team helped me navigate through my first internship experience. My experience with the Nativa team has been great, and I’m grateful to have worked with them. I did not plan on this internship, but life had other plans. I was studying Marketing and Sales at Phoenix College and coincidentally Eric Diaz was my professor in Social Media Marketing class last fall. I wasn’t even looking for an internship this year.

Eric reached out with an internship opportunity at his marketing agency and wanted to see if I was interested. I have many responsibilities in my personal life that would hinder my availability, therefore, my first reaction was to decline.

However, there’s a quote in Spanish that my dad would always tell me which was, “Si es para ti, va hacer para ti.” This translates in English to “If it’s for you, it’ll be for you.” I eventually decided to take the opportunity and discussed my availability with Eric. Thankfully, he was very understanding and was able to accommodate to my schedule. 

Making Social Media Content 

I’ve always been interested in social media, and wanted to be able to run a brand’s social media platforms. I was able to run Nativa’s Rockinpost Instagram and Tiktok accounts. I learned to be alert when a new feature or trend is released and to act on it. I also learned to strategize my content and complete our monthly content calendar ahead of time. I got to see how running a brand’s social media works and how to make quality content that educates and entertains. 

Learning to Navigate

When I started my internship, I began to understand what really goes on behind the scenes. I want to thank Nativa’s Josh and Gaby since they helped all the interns including me to be successful. I appreciated how they never hesitated to help me when I needed it and answered all my questions. My experience with the Nativa team has been great, and I’m grateful to have worked with this team.

Everything Happens for a Reason

I believe everything happens for a reason and this was no different. I was originally going to another community college but later transferred to Phoenix College as I was deciding my major. I decided to complete my education here before transferring to a bigger university and coincidentally that is where I met Eric as a professor and that is how I ended up with my first internship. Nativa helped me learn many things about Marketing and business in general and I will take these experiences with me wherever I go in the future and for that I’m extremely grateful I got to be a part of Nativa. 


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