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My name is Grace Bender and I have been an intern at Nativa during the 2023 Spring semester. I am a graduating senior attending Arizona State University studying Spanish, Personal Health, and Applied Business Data Analytics. This experience has provided me with so many amazing opportunities and has taught me so much about the marketing industry.

During my first semester of my senior year of college I found myself feeling behind my peers because I did not have an internship and I began looking through the ASU internship pages. I was happy to find the description for this internship because it was something that seemed to fit with my interests and skills. My interview with Partner Eric Diaz was a great opportunity to learn more and ask questions about the company and the opportunity. After my initial interview I was very excited about the opportunity and when I got my offer from Eric I couldn’t wait to get started in January. Throughout my 4 months here I have worked on a wide variety of projects and received a great introduction into the marketing world. I’m currently 1 week away from my college graduation and while it is a scary and uncertain time, I can leave this internship with the confidence that I have learned so much and have gained lots of valuable experience that I can take with me into my future career.

Before this internship I had no formal marketing experience so I was a bit nervous about the learning curve. Eric, as well as Josh and Gaby have been amazingly helpful throughout this whole process. They made it so easy to ask questions and helped walk me through any tasks I may have been stuck on. One thing I have loved about this position is the variety in the type of work I do on a weekly basis. Working with clients such as Got2b and Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio (PPSWO) has been one of my favorite things I have gotten to do in this internship. Watching our partnership with Got2b on a wig product campaign be built from the ground up was an amazing opportunity that has taught me so much about the process. Communication with influencers and the client as well as completing research for these projects has taught me so much about the behind-the-scenes of marketing and made me excited for a career in this field.

Before finding Nativa, I found myself in a position that many students find themselves in towards the end of college. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my life and wanted to use my time in college wisely to find what I enjoy. I am so happy that I have had this experience and I know that I will be bringing so many of the skills I have learned from my time at Nativa into the future. For anyone who is considering applying to this position, I cannot recommend it enough. The supportive office environment has made my experience positive and memorable. I appreciate the trust that Eric puts in us as Interns and the responsibilities that he has given us all. The work I have completed here has left me feeling accomplished and fulfilled– something that does not result from all internships. Overall my experience with Nativa has been transformative. I am leaving this position with a better idea of the type of career I want to pursue and a newfound excitement about entering into the ‘real world.’


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