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Case Study: Castrol Motor Oil (Hispanic Facebook Marketing Social Media Outreach)

By July 23, 2014October 10th, 2014No Comments
Castrol knew the importance of soccer to their fans, and offered Ronaldo's biography on their Facebook page.

Castrol Motor Oil, knowing Hispanics affinity for soccer capitalized with a sponsorship of Christiano Ronaldo, one of the best  players in the game to bring awareness to their brand on all channels including Facebook and Twitter.


The Nativa team was assigned with the creation and management of a Castrol Motor Oil social media platform for Spanish speaking US Hispanics. Through surveys and point of sale data, we knew that Hispanics were interested in soccer as well as maintaining their existing vehicles for an extended period of time exceeding that of the general market. It was up to Nativa to strategize the best way to communicate with these potential fans and customers through social media.

Castrol Motor Oil, through Hispanic Facebook marketing was able to engage their fans with fun activities such as giving away soccer game tickets through their Facebook page.


Our team researched the optimal method to organically grow the Castrol social media platforms as a hub for US Hispanic soccer and car enthusiasts through Hispanic Facebook marketing. As Castrol is a sponsor of Major League Soccer (MLS), the US Men’s National Soccer Team and the Mexican Men’s National Soccer Team, we created and maintained a 60 day content calendar to organize postings for upcoming games and events involving those leagues. To add the element of fun we included giveaways, quizzes, and puzzles for fans to engage with. For car enthusiasts, we focused on offers promoting Castrol High Mileage motor oil as well as providing fun, easy to read how-to car maintenance articles.


Here we see brand loyalty from a follower expressing appreciation towards the brand on the Castrol Motor Oil Facebook page.

Here we see brand loyalty from a follower expressing appreciation towards the brand on the Castrol Motor Oil Facebook page.


Castrol Español was able to to grow organically to over 1,000 fans on both Facebook and Twitter in a very short period of time. Impressively, when measured we found that 6% of Castrol’s Hispanic Facebook fans were actively engaged with the page, which is far above Castrol’s general market page which had only 1.5% engagement from fans during the same time period. As a result of Nativa’s work, Castrol Español was able to become part of the soccer community and actively participate in the latest discussions dealing with the MLS Playoffs, as well as upcoming Mexico and US National soccer games.

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Nativa is a multicultural communications agency that focuses on the Hispanic market through digital communications, online advertising and culturally relevant content creation. Nativa also provides traditional marketing services through strategic partnerships with specialized agencies.

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