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Why Im Going to the LATISM (Latinos in Social Media) Conference

By October 9, 2011December 19th, 201426 Comments

It was really a no-brainer as I received my first invite to attend the 2011 LATISM conference a few months back.  I signed up to attend as the folks that run LATISM, or #LATISM as it is perhaps more commonly known, really get social media and its role with Hispanics.  Even better, it will be in November before Thanksgiving and I really have wanted an excuse to get to Chicago anyway.

Let me tell you a bit more about LATISM, the conference, and what tracks I will personally be attending.

The Basics

LATISM stands for Latinos in Social Media.  The group was founded as a non profit in 2009 dedicated to advancing the social, civic and economic status of the Latino community.  The group has grown fast and is recognized as the most influential online movement in the new multicultural Web.

Following #LATISM

A view of #LATISM on Twitter

LATISM enjoys one of the largest Latino network on Facebook and also is creator of one of the most popular hashtags on Twitter, the #LATISM hashtag, which captures over 10 million impressions on a daily basis.

People know that if you want the most current news on what is going on in Hispanic news, you simply need to look at the hashtag #LATISM on Twitter.  As you can see from the screenshot at right, a quick review of #LATISM will provide current discussions on immigration, Latino genealogy, and bio of a Latina innovator.

The Conference

A view of the Chicago Navy Pier, site of the 2011 LATISM Conference

The conference will be a 3 day event in Chicago.  It will be at the Navy Pier which Im pretty excited about.  Coming from Phoenix Im sure I will have a slight temperature adjustment but Im sure it will be well worth it.  I wont lie I’m also pretty excited for the after events that will take place where Im going to catch up with a few old colleagues, make some new acquaintances in Hispanic marketing, and hopefully dance poorly to a bachata or two.  As a director of the Phoenix LATISM chapter, I will also have a chance to meet with many of the other chapter directors from around the country.

The conference will have 3 tracks which I think fully represent the Latino social media landscape we have today.

Public Service Track

Use of social media to amplify the impact of public service in the Latino communities. Explore case studies in the areas of Health, Education, Economic Development and Civic initiatives.

Target: Non-Profits, Educators, Health Care Professionals, Government, Community Activists, Politicians, Corporate Responsibility Teams.

Business Leadership Track

Lessons Learned from Multicultural Marketing, Communication and PR leaders who have pioneered and tested social media campaigns with a Hispanic target.

Target: Multicultural PR, Corporate Communications, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Industry Leaders, Marketing.

Personal Influence and Community Track

The most successful Latino and Latina bloggers, influencers and entrepreneurs will share their knowledge and secrets about their strategy.

Target: Bloggers, Vloggers, Foodies, Professionals, Social Network Community Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Job seekers, Consultants.

Sessions Im attending

For my own growth, these are the sessions I will attend and why.

Nov 10th

9am: Public Service Track: Reaching Out for Health Through Social Media – Right down my ally, as having worked with the CDC and other government health agencies I am interested to see what will be presented here. 

11am: Business Track: The New Metrics of Social Success – I am expecting key metrics to look for as social media, especially Facebook and the new Google+ have shaken things up.

2pm: Community Track: The Riches Are In The Niches – As I work with many bloggers, I would like to hear more about the individual niches they are choosing and why.

4pm: Business Track: MultiCultural Social Media Campaigns That Rock – Best practices and case studies are always an eye opener at these conferences.

Nov 11th

9am: Business Track: Spanglish: From La Calle To Madison Ave – Which language to use for social media is ALWAYS the question for my clients.

11am: Business Track: Creating A Win-Win Brand/Blogger Relationship – Very interesting to see how brands interact with their blogger teams.

2pm: Public Service Track: The Social Media Movement for Civic Engagement – Many govies are moving to social media, I want to see how successful they are in gaining a presence with the public.

4pm: Community Track:  Using Google+, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter for Community Building – I hope to learn more about how bloggers, who tend to be innovators are using Google+ and the other forums to build their community.

Will You Attend?

Let me know if you are planning on attending in the comments.  What sessions will you attend and why?  What do you hope to accomplish at the conference?

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