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In a world where culture and marketing intersect, Nativa stands out as a hub of creativity and innovation. Over the past 10 weeks, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to be a part of this dynamic multicultural marketing agency. Let me take you on a journey through my internship experience as a marketing intern, where I learned new software, discovered influencers, took lead on a project, and managed external vendors.

Mastering Marketing Tools

One of my first tasks as an intern at Nativa began with a crash course in essential marketing software. Most important of these tools was learning to use Nativa’s own proprietary social media analysis tool: O.Y.E. Using this powerful tool provided unparalleled market insights and a crash course in how social media analysis programs work. After that, I had the opportunity to assess the data I gathered and create my own report based on my findings on social media sentiment toward Multicultural Opinion on A.I. Regulation. These skills provided a strong foundation for crafting effective marketing strategies.

Influencer Insight

Navigating the realm of influencer marketing was an eye-opening experience. After learning how to use another software, Influencity, I was tasked with finding influencers who genuinely connect with our client’s audience. This involved more than just numbers – it was about aligning brand values and personally assessing each influencer’s persona for authentic campaigns that would resonate with their audience and our client’s product.

Steering a Client Project

A highlight of my journey was leading a client project. From planning to execution, I gained hands-on experience in driving a successful marketing initiative, learning to manage a project, and how to best allocate resources efficiently from a cost and time perspective. This role boosted my confidence and highlighted the importance of strategic coordination and careful planning, as well as creating a client report and presenting it in client meetings.

Managing External Help

At Nativa, teamwork extends beyond the office walls. I had the chance to manage external assistance, learning how to effectively communicate and collaborate with diverse talents to achieve a common goal. As an intern, I had the unique opportunity to work one-on-one with these talented individuals as I guided them through projects that delivered on our client’s needs.


My internship experience at Nativa was a whirlwind of learning and growth in the world of multicultural marketing. I now possess practical skills, a deeper understanding of cultural nuances, and the confidence to navigate this ever-evolving landscape. Moving forward, I carry the invaluable experiences and insights gained during my 10-week adventure at Nativa.

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