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To help you build a diverse team of advisors and enhance your multicultural marketing strategies, we’ve gathered insights from four top founders and CEOs. From fostering an inclusive culture to implementing blind hiring, these leaders share their key strategies for achieving diversity in advisory teams.

4 Strategies for Developing a Diverse Team of Multicultural Marketing Advisors

  • Foster an Inclusive Culture
  • Cast a Wider Net
  • Leverage Existing Advisors’ Networks
  • Implement Blind Hiring

Fostering an Inclusive Culture

Bruno Gavino, founder and CEO of an international software company, illustrates the construct behind how an inclusive culture is established. He states that, “In order to develop a diverse team of advisors to enhance your multicultural marketing strategies, one crucial strategy is to prioritize inclusion and create a welcoming environment.”

Gavino stresses the notion that “Building an inclusive culture within your organization is paramount. This entails creating an environment where people from diverse backgrounds feel valued, respected, and heard. To achieve this, ensure that leadership is committed to diversity and inclusion. This commitment should be visible and demonstrated through policies, resource allocation, and personal involvement.”

He also expresses, “An inclusive culture encourages individuals from various backgrounds to join your team of advisors willingly. It promotes an atmosphere where diverse perspectives are not only accepted but actively sought after. When people from different cultures and backgrounds feel they can contribute meaningfully without fear of bias, your team becomes more diverse.”

Cast a Wider Net

Ankit Prakash, founder of a software technology firm, states that,”I cannot emphasize the value of diversity in every facet of business, especially in marketing strategies.” In order to cultivate a varied team of advisors, he recommends casting a wider net. This means going beyond the conventional hiring arenas and tapping into multicultural networking events, seminars, and even niche forums.

Prakash continues, saying, “Statistics show that companies with diverse teams are 35% more likely to outperform their counterparts. Think of it this way: a bouquet with varied flowers is always more captivating than one with a singular type.”

A key strategy Prakash mentions is to, “Encourage an inclusive environment first. If advisors from different backgrounds feel heard, respected, and vital, they will naturally contribute their unique perspectives, enhancing the multicultural marketing approach. Diversity isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a powerful business strategy.”

Leverage Existing Advisors’ Networks

Yoana Wong, Co-Founder of a company in the floral industry, states, “By asking your current advisors to recommend individuals from their networks, you can tap into their trust and relationships. This approach helps to develop a diverse team of advisors for your multicultural marketing strategies.”

Wong emphasizes that “Existing advisors may come from diverse backgrounds themselves and can provide valuable insights into potential candidates. Through their recommendations, you can identify individuals who bring unique perspectives and experiences. For example, if your current advisor suggests a marketing professional from an underrepresented community who has successfully executed multicultural campaigns, you have the opportunity to invite them to join your team as an advisor.”

Implement Blind Hiring

Roy Lau, Co-Founder of a mortgage company, proposes that “Blind hiring is a key strategy for developing a diverse team of advisors for multicultural marketing strategies. By removing identifying information from resumes and applications, we minimize unconscious bias, ensuring that candidates are evaluated solely based on their qualifications.” 

Lau provides an example that when reviewing resumes, “Recruiters can anonymize names, genders, and other identifying details. This approach promotes fair evaluation, enabling the selection of diverse individuals solely based on their skills and experience. It helps to overcome potential biases and encourages a more inclusive hiring process, resulting in a diverse team of advisors.”


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