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My Internship experience at Nativa has been nothing short of fulfilling and educational. I knew from the first day that I would walk away feeling informed, supported, and fully equipped to take on future endeavors. I am ecstatic to reflect on my recent internship at Nativa, where I immersed myself in the dynamic marketing field.

internship experience at NativaPassion for Marketing

My name is Abby Murphy, and I am a Junior pursuing a Digital Marketing degree at Arizona State University. I have always loved the wide variety of options marketing has to offer. Arizona State has deepened my love and passion for marketing, making me excited for future opportunities. However, after finishing my sophomore year, I realized I wanted to add an internship to my schedule. Becoming a proficient marketer required more than just academic knowledge; it demanded hands-on experience, mentorship, and the chance to gain professional insights firsthand.

The Internship Introduction

In the spring of 2024, a major turning point emerged in my academic and professional journey when I landed an internship at Nativa, thanks to Eric Diaz, the President at Nativa Multicultural Agency. This opportunity was a big deal for me as it brought together my studies with the exciting marketing world. At first, I was pretty nervous about starting my first internship, not knowing what to expect. But once I got to Nativa, I was greeted with such warmth and support from everyone there that my worries faded away.

Core Responsibilities

Throughout my internship experience at Nativa, I had the chance to participate in diverse tasks that contributed to Nativa’s marketing endeavors.

Some of the core responsibilities I was tasked with included:Internship experience at Nativa

  • Influencer Marketing: I was in charge of searching for multicultural influencers to hire for a new product launch of one of Nativa’s long and loyal beauty clients, got2b.
  • Marketing Research: I researched topics for multiple clients, including Jack Daniel’s, to aid in their future multicultural campaigns.
  • Blog Writing: I wrote blogs about marketing content and Nativa’s services to engage our audience and showcase our expertise.
  • Nativa’s Metrics: I updated and analyzed weekly business development leads to track Nativa’s performance.
  • Email Marketing: My responsibilities involved developing emails with all the latest Nativa updates to send to Nativa’s subscribers.
  • Social Media Marketing: I contributed to posting on Nativa’s TikTok channel (RockinPost), showcasing fun times during my internship.

Development and Progress

During my internship at Nativa, my tasks were enlightening and profoundly influential. They furnished me with hands-on experience that complemented my academic pursuits and broadened my grasp of marketing principles beyond the confines of the classroom. Each assignment presented its own set of challenges and opportunities for personal development, enabling me to cultivate vital competencies such as research, analytics, content creation, and project management. Furthermore, the nurturing atmosphere at Nativa empowered me to venture beyond my comfort zone, seize initiative, and contribute substantially to the team’s goals. Witnessing the tangible impact of my endeavors on Nativa’s marketing initiatives and the organization’s overall achievements was immensely gratifying.

Acknowledgment and Gratitude

During my internship at Nativa, I experienced a profound sense of satisfaction and thankfulness for the chance to collaborate with skilled professionals committed to excellence in their field. The guidance and support from Nativa and the team were instrumental in nurturing both my professional skills and personal development. Looking back on my internship, I am deeply grateful for the nurturing environment, impactful projects, and enduring connections formed during my tenure at Nativa. Being a part of such a vibrant and innovative company has been a privilege, and I am eager to apply the insights and skills acquired here to my future pursuits in marketing.

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