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Nativa’s internship program takes immense pride in its longstanding commitment to providing internship opportunities, a tradition that spans over 10 years. This dedication underscores the agency’s core values of nurturing talent and fostering diversity within the marketing industry. As the years have passed, Nativa has continually refined and expanded its internship program, ensuring that each intern receives the mentorship, guidance, and exposure necessary to thrive in the dynamic field of marketing. This decade-long legacy speaks volumes about Nativa’s enduring dedication to excellence and innovation in the marketing landscape.

Among Nativa’s many accomplishments, the stories of its interns shine brightly, reflecting the agency’s unwavering commitment to prosperity and helping others. Nativa’s internship program is more than just an opportunity for aspiring marketers; it’s a platform for personal and professional growth. Interns are not mere observers but integral contributors to the agency’s success, gaining hands-on experience, mentorship, and exposure to real-world projects that prepare them for success in their careers.

Skills Learned at Nativa

  • Assist with design & creation of marketing materials 
  • Opportunities to work with existing client accounts 
  • Social media content creation 
  • Technical writing 
  • Web analytics 
  • Copywriting for blogs and social media 
  • Business software: Hubspot CRM, Asana project management, Canva, Adobe, Social listening & more 

From day one, Nativa recognizes the unique perspectives and talents that each intern brings to the table. The agency empowers interns to leverage their diverse backgrounds to drive meaningful change in the marketing landscape by fostering an environment of creativity, collaboration, and cultural understanding.

For many interns, their time at Nativa is life-changing. They learn important skills and gain a deeper understanding of how marketing can connect with different cultures. Plus, they get guidance from experienced professionals, which helps them feel confident and valued. The interns bring fresh ideas and perspectives, making the agency’s work even better.

Insights from past Nativa Interns

Let’s take a moment to spotlight a few out of the 60+, of these former interns and see where they are now, along with feedback reflecting on their experiences at Nativa:

Lillian Martinez (2015):

Current position: Supply Chain Analyst

Company: Andersen Corporation

“Being at Nativa has definitely helped me develop important skills that can also be applied to my supply chain degree”

Karina working at NativaKarina Griffin (2019):

Current position: Account Manager

Company: Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

“finishing up my internship with Nativa, a Multicultural Marketing Agency…I have learned so much about the marketing/advertising industry….I look forward to my future towards my career in marketing.”

 Ana Cisneros (2019):

Current position: Allied Health and RN Recruiter 

Company: Host Health Inc. 

“I have treasured every minute of the experience to help move the agency forward…” 

 Ariadne Bencomo (2021): 

Current position: Marketing Performance Associate

Company: Penguin Random House

“I am grateful to have had the opportunity to build my expertise in a wide variety of areas while working for an agency that saw me as an individual and valued me as more than an employee” 

first internship phoenix

Jason Ramirez (2023): 

Current position: Respite & Habilitation Provider

Company: Arion Care

“My experience with the Nativa team has been great, and I’m grateful to have worked with this team.”

Grace Bender (2023):

Current Position: Production Specialist

Company: EF Education First

“the work I have completed here has left me feeling accomplished and fulfilled, something that does not result from all internships”


Interns Hired on Nativa’s Team

Eryn Schauble (2023):

Current Position: Cybersecurity & Operations Manager

Company: Nativa Multicultural Marketing Agency



Joshua Jarukaruta (2020):

Current Position: Digital Analyst & Market Research

Company: Nativa Multicultural Marketing Agency


Takeaway from Nativa’s Internship Program

These former interns, among many others, have gone on to achieve success in various roles within the marketing industry, thanks in part to their experiences at Nativa. Their journeys testify to the agency’s commitment to empowering aspiring marketers from all backgrounds and shaping the future of marketing.

In essence, Nativa’s internship program demonstrates the agency’s steadfast dedication to fostering success, supporting growth, and empowering individuals. Nativa not only shapes the future of marketing but also profoundly impacts the lives of its interns. As these success stories continue to unfold, Nativa reaffirms its position as a leader in the industry, where supporting others’ success isn’t just valued but actively pursued as a driver of innovation and growth.

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