July 30, 2020

Business Travel in a Pandemic is like a Telenovela

Hi everyone! My name is Larissa Pagán and I work as a Social Media Marketing Specialist at Nativa. Recently, as part of another project outside of Nativa, I had the chance to take on an important assignment outside…
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support the black community
Press Releases
June 19, 2020

Nativa Doing More to Support the Black Community

At Nativa, we have always prided ourselves on being culturally diverse. Our team of marketing professionals come from different backgrounds, speak multiple languages, and many on the team have been born or fully immersed in other…
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Press Releases
June 1, 2020

How Brands are Supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement

Nativa, as a multicultural marketing agency, stands by the Black Lives Matter Movement and supports all of the people and families that have suffered from hate and racism in America. As protests in the United…
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Instagram released five new features.
Advertising - Social Media
May 11, 2020

Instagram – Five New Features for Coronavirus & Beyond

Taking the Lead with Innovative Strategies Instagram released five new features over the last month during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic hat benefit both consumers and companies. The social media platform has been very committed to…
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May 4, 2020

Interning Internationally During Coronavirus – My Nativa Internship

My Experience Working from Home Internationally As my last semester approached, I realized I wanted to have experience in the working field so I decided to apply for an internship. As I was searching on…
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Advertising - Social MediaMulticultural Marketing
April 24, 2020

Out of Home (OOH) Ads in the #5 Metro Market During COVID-19

Whether you reside in a major U.S. metropolitan area or not you have seen them. Anyone driving down the freeway during COVID-19 has likely encountered the newest out of home billboard ads, each bringing a…
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Multicultural MarketingWeb Design
April 17, 2020

Issues When Using the Same Diverse Stock Photos

Infamously, the Trump administration was found to be using very creative stock images and videos as part of their 2020 re-election campaign advertising via Facebook last year. Not to be outdone, Pete Buttigieg's 2020 presidential…
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Press Releases
April 8, 2020

7 Examples of How Brands are Communicating to Consumers during Coronavirus

It has now been nearly 1 month since the U.S. declared a national emergency on March 13th due to the coronavirus pandemic which was swiftly paralyzing nations and beginning to make inroads in America. Since then,…
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Tips to work from home
EmployeesPress Releases
March 30, 2020

Five Tips To Work From Home

Five Tips To Work From Home As with most other marketing agencies, due to COVID-19, Nativa is operating entirely from home to prevent spreading the virus and to help our community. We know that sometimes it…
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Supporting Multicultural Artist
Multicultural Marketing
March 27, 2020

Supporting Multicultural Artists – Interview with @Kraze_Tattoo

Nativa Supporting Multicultural Artists In Nativa we believe in supporting local multicultural artists, that's why this week we want to introduce you to Julian Villalpando, who is better known by his handle on Instagram, @kraze_tattoo.  Kraze is a…
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