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Navigating the world of influencer engagement can be tricky, so we sought tactics from top executives to identify the most authentic strategies for brands. With insights from CEOs and a Chief MarketingOfficer, we’ve compiled six expert strategies. From building personalized influencer relationships to conducting influencer research, discover how to connect with influencers authentically without the scam vibes.

  • Build Personalized Influencer Relationships
  • Surprise with Mystery Mailbox Gifts
  • Foster Authentic Influencer Connections
  • Offer Value Before Partnership
  • Nurture Relationships Over Time
  • Conduct Influencer Research

Build Personalized Influencer Relationships

Bruno Gavino, the founder and CEO explains authentic strategies for brands, “A highly effective and often overlooked strategy for a brand to engage with an influencer without seeming like a scam is to establish a genuine relationship through personalized and direct communication. This approach stands out because it focuses on building a connection based on mutual respect and shared values, rather than treating the influencer as just another marketing channel.

For example, at CodeDesign, we prioritize reaching out to influencers in a way that demonstrates a thorough understanding of their content and audience. This involves personalizing our communication, highlighting specific aspects of their work that align with our brand’s values or goals. When we collaborated with a well-known lifestyle influencer for a digital marketing campaign, we first engaged with their content authentically. We commented on their posts, shared their content, and mentioned how their vision resonated with our brand ethos. Only after establishing this genuine connection did we propose a collaboration.

This approach is effective because it shows the influencer that you value their work and see them as a true partner, rather than just a means to an end. It also helps in standing out in their inbox, as influencers are often bombarded with generic, templated pitches. By investing time in understanding and engaging with their content beforehand, the influencer is more likely to see the brand as credible and consider the partnership proposal seriously.”

Surprise with Mystery Mailbox Gifts

CEO and founder, Jay Barton, states another authentic strategies for brands, “One strategy I’ve found particularly effective, and personal, is what I call the “Mystery Mailbox Maneuver.” It involves sending a carefully curated package to an influencer, with no prior notice. Last summer, we tried this with a local fitness influencer.”

The package contained our latest sportswear line, a handwritten note expressing genuine admiration for their work, and an invitation to collaborate if they liked our products. It felt more like a thoughtful gift rather than a business proposition. The influencer was pleasantly surprised and shared her authentic experience on social media, creating a natural, scam-free engagement with our brand.

Foster Authentic Influencer Connections

Gregory Rozdeba, CEO, highlights the key to authentic strategies for brands by engaging influencers without seeming scammy is building authentic relationships. “Take the time to understand their interests, values, and audience. Offer opportunities that are a natural fit, not a hard sell. Be transparent about why you think they’re a good partner for our outdoor apparel brand, and always respect their time—collaborate, don’t commandeer. At our company, we’ve had great success partnering with micro-influencers who are genuinely passionate about hiking and camping.”

Offer Value Before Partnership

The CMO, Swena Kalra emphasises, building genuine relationships with influencers is an art. “One strategy that stands out is offering value before asking for anything in return. This approach not only builds trust but also sets the foundation for a long-term partnership.

A few years ago, we were keen to collaborate with a popular travel influencer. Instead of directly proposing a partnership, we first engaged with their content genuinely and consistently. We offered them a complimentary trip, expecting no promotional content in return. This gesture opened up a dialogue, and they appreciated our approach of not treating them as just another advertising platform.

Influencers are often swarmed with brand deals, many of which can seem transactional. By offering something of value first and fostering a genuine relationship, you can stand out and build a mutually beneficial partnership that doesn’t feel like a scam. It’s a slower process, but the authenticity it brings is worth the effort.”

Nurture Relationships Over Time

CEO, Cyrus Partow, shares that to avoid appearing like a scam, focus on nurturing relationships over time. Building rapport with influencers is essential. In a campaign for a tech-gadget brand, we started by following and engaging with the influencer’s content on social media. 

Partow states, “slowly, we initiated conversations, shared insights about our brand, and showed genuine interest in their work. This patient approach led to a partnership that felt more like a friendship, making the collaboration more authentic and less scammy.”

Conduct Influencer Research

The CEO of Museum Hacks highlights that authentic strategies for brands to use to engage with an influencer without seeming like a scam is by conducting thorough research and personalized outreach. 

“Identify an influencer who aligns with your brand values and has shown genuine interest in your industry or niche. Take the time to understand the influencer’s content style, audience demographics, and past collaborations. With this information in hand, tailor your outreach messages to highlight the specific ways in which collaborating would benefit both parties. 

By showing that you have taken the time to understand the influencer’s interests and needs, you can demonstrate your sincerity and authenticity, thereby increasing the chances of building a successful partnership that doesn’t come across as a scam.”


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