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Networking strategies through the landscape of the marketing industry can be a complex endeavor, so we’ve gathered insights from six seasoned professionals, including Heads of Marketing and CEOs. They share strategies ranging from engaging in niche online communities to embracing authenticity in branding. Discover these effective tactics to expand your professional network within the marketing realm.

  • Engage in Niche Online Communities
  • Attend Industry Events and Conferences
  • Host Virtual Meet-Ups or Webinars
  • Participate In-Person 
  • Expand LinkedIn Connections and Followers
  • Embrace Authenticity in Branding

Engage in Niche Online Communities

Matt Goren, a head of marketing, describes one of his networking strategies, “I’ve discovered that one of the most dynamic and enriching strategies for networking lies in embedding myself into specific online communities and forums that cater to marketing professionals. Platforms like LinkedIn groups dedicated to digital marketing, content strategy forums, and even niche Slack channels for SEO enthusiasts have been my arenas of choice. Here, the conversations run deep with insights, trends, and real-world challenges, making them ideal for someone looking to immerse themselves in the marketing industry.

To genuinely connect with others in these communities, I’ve adopted a two-pronged approach. First, I ensure that my contributions are meaningful. Whether responding to a query with a well-thought-out answer based on my experiences, initiating discussions on emerging trends, or sharing articles and resources that I’ve found invaluable, my goal is always to add value to the conversation. This approach helps me gain visibility and establishes my credibility within the community.

Second, when reaching out to individuals, I tailor my approach based on our interactions within the community. For instance, if I’ve noticed someone frequently offering insightful advice on content strategy, I might reach out with a personalized message, mentioning a specific piece of advice they shared and expressing how it resonated with me or helped solve a problem. This customized approach, grounded in genuine appreciation and interest, opens the door to more meaningful conversations beyond the initial connection.

Moreover, I watch for virtual meetups, webinars, and roundtable discussions often organized within these communities. Participating in these events provides learning opportunities and opens up more natural settings for engaging with industry peers. Offering to share my expertise or experiences in these forums, whether through speaking opportunities or as a contributing participant, further solidifies my presence and connection with the community.”

Attend Industry Events and Conferences

Senior digital marketing expert Zain Zameer reveals, “One effective strategy for networking in the marketing industry is to attend industry events and conferences regularly. These gatherings provide opportunities to meet professionals, exchange ideas, and forge valuable connections.

By engaging with fellow marketers, you can establish rapport, gain insights, and potentially uncover new business opportunities. Leveraging these events strategically can significantly enhance your network and open doors to collaborations and partnerships.

Host Virtual Meet-Ups or Webinars

Jason Vaught is a President and shares one of his personal networking strategies, “One unique marketing strategy I use for networking in the marketing industry is creating and hosting a niche virtual meet-up or webinar series. This approach has allowed me to gather professionals with specific interests or challenges within the marketing sphere. 

For example, I once organized a monthly virtual roundtable discussion focused on the latest trends in content marketing. For each session, we invited a guest speaker—an expert in a particular aspect of content marketing—to share insights and lead the discussion. Not only did this provide valuable content for participants, but it also positioned me as a thought leader in the content marketing community. 

Through these virtual meet-ups, I was able to connect with other marketing professionals, exchange ideas, and even forge collaborations. This strategy proved a great way to network while contributing to my professional development and others in the industry.”

Participate In-Person 

Owner Andrew Jenkins highlights, “Focusing on in-person events has been a standout strategy for networking in the marketing industry. Attending industry conferences, workshops, and meetups offers a unique opportunity to make personal connections that can’t be replicated online. Here’s the kicker: the power of a face-to-face conversation, a firm handshake, or a shared laugh can forge memorable connections that last.

I’ve made it a point to attend these events and participate actively. Speaking at panels, asking questions during sessions, or volunteering at events has opened doors to deeper conversations with peers, thought leaders, and potential clients. The key is to be genuinely curious about others, listening more than you talk, and finding ways to help or connect people within your network.

The impact? It’s not just about collecting business cards; it’s about building a community around shared interests and challenges. These personal connections have led to collaborations, mentorships, and opportunities that were instrumental in growing our presence in the marketing industry.

Expand LinkedIn Connections and Followers

Aaron Winston, a Strategy Director, discloses one of his networking strategies, “One effective strategy he uses to help him network in the marketing industry is consistently increasing connections and followers on LinkedIn. It provides me with increased social proof and context online, which has helped me gain prominence among my marketing and SEO peers. Since the early days of utilizing this method, my company and I have been featured in multiple marketing case studies. I am confident that it’s not a mere coincidence.

Embrace Authenticity in Branding

CEO Tammy Sons explains, “We have found that authenticity in branding is the key to our successful marketing strategies. It not only creates a sense of stability with our potential clients, but it also helps our brand become an authority in the niche.”


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