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Critics argue that relying on AI risks undermining the importance of education, potentially affecting the quality of teacher-student relationships. Eric Diaz, a distinguished professor at Phoenix College in Arizona, recently shared his thoughts on the beneficial effects of artificial intelligence (AI) on higher education on the Higher Ed Huddle podcast.

The podcast, hosted by Joe Traino and Brian Hadley of BerryDunn, explores artificial intelligence from the viewpoint of faculty members. Eric Diaz, a teacher at Phoenix College, is aware of AI’s potential advantages in tailoring his students’ educational experiences. This method meets the needs of each student individually while creating a vibrant and exciting learning environment.

As a supporter of creativity and efficiency, Eric views AI as a potent instrument that can reduce administrative duties and free up teachers’ time to devote greater attention to mentoring and individualized education. He is excited to investigate how AI may improve the educational experience for teachers and students since he believes it is a crucial part of the always-changing education environment. Though cautious about possible obstacles, Eric’s visionary strategy fits with the revolutionary promise that artificial intelligence brings for Phoenix College’s educational future.

Insights into the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Education, as highlighted by Eric Diaz

  1. Accessibility: Breaking down barriers for diverse student populations, including non-first language English speakers.
  2. Personalized Learning: Tailoring educational experiences to individual needs for a more effective and engaging learning environment.
  3. Efficiency: Streamlining administrative tasks allows educators more time for personalized instruction and mentorship.
  4. Improvement: Enhancing overall educational quality and outcomes through AI-driven tools.
  5. Polarization: Addressing and navigating potential challenges and disparities in AI implementation.

Feedback from Eric Diaz during the podcast

During the podcast, Eric Diaz shared valuable feedback, noting that around 40% of his students who are non-first language English speakers improved their grammar grades significantly through AI software. He emphasized the potential of AI in addressing challenges faced by students, highlighting its role in creating a more inclusive and effective learning environment.

Listen to the full podcast

To delve deeper into Eric Diaz’s insights on AI in Higher Education, listen to the full podcast episode down below

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