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With the growth of AI tools such as ChatGPT continuously growing, there are wonders if it’s a potential threat to social media marketers. Here are nine answers to the question, “Will ChatGPT and similar AI tools replace the need for social media marketers? Elaborate on your unique perspective.”

  • It is Unlikely
  • We Need Creative Humans
  • Storytelling is Still Key in Engaging Audiences
  • Human Touch is Irreplaceable
  • In Terms of Creative Ideas and Plans, ChatGPT is Too General
  • Hasn’t Perfected Human Emotion
  • Not Nuanced Enough for the Death Industry
  • Will Become Important Tools to Support Marketer’s Daily Tasks
  • ChatGPT’s Effectiveness Depends on How You Use It

It is Unlikely

Brenton Thomas, CEO, shares his perspective about why it’s unlikely AI tools are a potential threat to social media marketers, “overall, it seems that the impact of AI tools like ChatGPT on social media marketing is still uncertain and will likely depend on the specific use case and the level of intelligence and nuance required for the marketing tasks at hand. 

While AI tools may be useful for certain tasks like generating text-based content, they may still struggle with more complex tasks like understanding and responding to customer feedback, building relationships with followers, and developing creative campaigns that resonate with audiences in a human-like way. Therefore, it is unlikely that AI tools will completely replace the need for social media marketers anytime soon.”

We Need Creative Humans

Chief People and Culture Officer, Piotrek Sosnowski, expresses the importance on creative humans, “one of the keys to success in social media marketing is the ability to come up with unique and creative ideas that resonate with your audience. And while AI tools are great at analyzing data and making predictions based on that data, they still struggle to come up with those.

That’s not to say that AI won’t play an important role in social media marketing. It’s already being used by many marketers to automate tasks like scheduling posts and analyzing engagement metrics. But ultimately, the success of a social media campaign depends on more than just data analysis—it requires a human touch. Creative humans are still needed to come up with fresh ideas, write engaging copy, and develop visual content that truly connects with other humans.”

Storytelling is Still Key in Engaging Audiences

Liam Liu, a Co-founder and CMO, explains the use of storytelling, “AI tools lack one crucial skill: the ability to tell stories and, therefore, engage audiences intimately as a social media marketer would. AI tools will help social media marketers perform better in their role with more sophisticated data analytics tools that give them insights on how to enhance their storytelling and engage audiences.”

Human Touch is Irreplaceable

Founder and Editor, Basana Saha describes how human touch us irreplaceable, “I have seen the rise of AI tools like ChatGPT in various industries, including social media marketing. While these tools can help automate some tasks and improve efficiency, they cannot replace the human touch of social media marketers who understand the nuances of a brand and its target audience. 

Social media is all about building connections and relationships, and AI tools simply cannot provide the emotional intelligence and creativity that a human can bring to the table. Therefore, AI can supplement, but not replace, the need for skilled and knowledgeable social media marketers.”

In Terms of Creative Ideas and Plans, ChatGPT is Too General

Oksana Sydorchuk is a Marketing Coordinator explaining why ChatGPT is too general to be a potential threat to social media marketers. “As a marketing manager for an IT consulting company, I have found that one of the most effective ways to use ChatGPT is copywriting, inputting a keyword or topic related to our niche and asking for ideas on related content topics. 

In terms of creative ideas and plans, ChatGPT is too general. It does not offer any exclusive suggestions. Right now, I think it makes for a rather good copywriting and optimization tool. It can replace some manual tasks such as document writing, editing, and proofreading, but I don’t think it can replace human creativity or point of view, which are essential elements. So I don’t think it can replace the need for social media marketers.”

Hasn’t Perfected Human Emotion

Sales Director, Derrick Hathaway gives insight about AI not perfecting human emotion. “Not quite. It’s pretty difficult for ChatGPT to reproduce the headlines, stories, and social posts that win awards, stop thumbs, or jerk tears or laughter since the tool has a lot of potential to provide relevant, entertaining, and useful blocks of text but hasn’t quite perfected the art of human emotion.

It might help you pass an essay for school, write a standard email, and even write some simple marketing copy, but ChatGPT lacks the originality and ingenuity to produce anything more impressive. ChatGPT may let a poor writer pass for a good one in certain circumstances, but it won’t replace the skill required to create distinctive and original content, so copywriters and content creators can relax.”

Not Nuanced Enough for the Death Industry

Co-founder, Temmo Kinoshita expresses his own insight about how it’s not nuanced enough for certain industries. “My business markets funeral homes. This is a sensitive topic to market on social media, even when experienced social media marketers are producing the content. As it stands right now, ChatGPT isn’t sophisticated enough to convey the appropriate sentiment and mood that our clients demand. Currently, it’s a useful tool for social media marketers in my industry, but it has yet to become good enough to replace any of my marketers.”

Will Become Important Tools to Support Marketer’s Daily Tasks

Phuong Nguyen is a Founder describes how these will be important tools, instead of being a potential threat to social media marketers. “These are tools and will not replace the need for social media marketers. The generative AI tools support users to quickly generate pleasant images for their creative design ideas and also give users the ability to view the generated design in reality (using Augmented Reality). So, these AI tools will help social media marketers to be more productive and focus their time on tasks that only humans can perform.”

ChatGPT’s Effectiveness Depends on How You Use It

Head of Digital, Abhishek Joshi gives insight on how effective ChatGPT is. “While AI can certainly automate certain tasks and help with analyzing data, social media marketers still play a crucial role in developing strategy, creating content, and building relationships with their audiences. 

Human creativity and intuition cannot be fully replicated by AI, and social media marketing requires a level of personalization and empathy that machines cannot yet provide. Therefore, while AI may enhance the role of social media marketers, it is unlikely to replace them altogether.

Remember, ChatGPT is just a tool. Its effectiveness depends on how you use it. This applies to all marketing tools that are marketed as solutions to replace marketers.”


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