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Nativa’s Origin – First Major Contract in Atlanta

It all seems poetic that Nativa in 2020 puts an increased emphasis on the city of Atlanta. As we think back to the origin of Nativa, our first major contract was actually with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Back in 2011 we actually came across a post on Twitter about the need for a skilled agency in Spanish social media. We responded and a few months later we had proudly launched the CDC en Español social media pages.

hispanic agency atlanta - eric diaz and natasha pongonisA Renewed Focus, Atlanta

Serving as an Atlanta Hispanic agency, we helped our southern-based clients to launch Spanish language versions of their public service business profiles on Twitter and Facebook. It was quite the process and to this day we are pleased that the CDC pages still sport the largest respective followings on social media for any Spanish-language government page. We have learned so much since that early contract and been able to grow that relationship to work with a number of other departments within the CDC, helping the international organization skillfully communicate with multicultural audiences around the globe. We take significant pride in our work in the city of Atlanta and now as we begin to invest more of our leaders’ time in the city, we are looking forward to our next contracts and how we can bring additional value to our federal government partners and clients.

Growth through Partners in Atlanta

The partners that we have made in Atlanta thus far have been wonderful. We enjoy the style of our Atlanta peers – and the ease with which our colleagues play hard but work harder. It’s certainly a fun time whenever we find ourselves at a conference or presentation in Atlanta, thanks to our amazing friends in the City of Trees.

Next Steps – Hispanic Agency Atlanta

Wrapping up – an initiative for this spring of 2020 has been to achieve placement on the federal GSA schedule. Now we at Nativa find ourselves near the goal line of achieving this important certification. Being listed on the GSA schedule will allow Nativa to be considered for important federal contracts in Atlanta and beyond with a priority status.

Overall, we plan to be spending more time in the city of Atlanta and we’ll share our progress as we go.

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