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The Nativa Hispanic communications agency hosted media from Cronkite News this week in response to a request that the team received regarding insights on Hispanic millennials and their diet and eating habits in comparison with their older peers as well as the general market.

The Nativa team elaborated on many aspects of the research that was done utilizing OYE! Intelligence software to mine social media data for perspectives from Hispanic millennials about their choices of snack foods, as well as their opinions on topics including veganism/vegetarianism, losing weight, diet fads, juicing, alternative milks, and much more. A selection of key insights is provided below, as well as a link to download the full Hispanic millennial report.

The interview withe the Hispanic communications agency will be viewable on Univision AZ on Saturday October 28th at 5pm PT.

Top Insights:

✓ Trying but Failing at Losing Weight:
– When Hispanics talk about the food to eat when losing weight, 55% of them mention they are trying to lose weight but falling short of their goals. It’s interesting to note that Hispanic Millennials are not as vocal about this as their older peers, mentioning their failings 53% of the time compared to their older peers who mention it 57% of the time.

✓ Hispanic Millennials less Serious when conversing Vegetarian & Vegan Diets:
– Hispanic Millennials joked at a much higher level about Vegetarian and Vegan diets (70% and 74%
respectively) when compared with their elder Non-Millennial peers (38% and 51% respectively).

✓ The importance of a Healthy Diet, not Losing Weight:
– When comparing conversations from Hispanic Millennials that were either about living a healthy lifestyle or about losing weight it was found that 75% of the conversation was about maintaining a healthy diet, versus 25% about losing weight. This is roughly the same for their older peers which discussed a healthy diet 80% of the time.

✓ Hispanic Millennials ask for Diet Advice half as often as their Older Peers:
– When reviewing conversations related to sharing opinions or asking for opinions on diet, Hispanic Millennials were found to ask for guidance only 9% of the time compared to 20% for non-Millennial Hispanics.

✓ Hispanic Millennials more inspired by salty snacks then sugary snacks:
– Hispanic Millennials spoke much more favorably about salty snacks (chips, crackers etc) when compared with sweets (chocolate, donuts, etc) and with far less negativity, 13% versus 31% respectively.

Photos from the Day with Nativa Hispanic Communications Agency:

Eric Diaz - Nativa Phoenix Hispanic Communications AgencyEric Diaz - Nativa Phoenix Hispanic Marketing AgencyLaura Enriquez - Nativa Phoenix Hispanic Communications AgencyLaura Enriquez - Nativa Phoenix Hispanic Marketing Agency

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