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Social Media Week Miami Conference Wrap Up

By October 1, 2014October 10th, 2014No Comments

I have been to bigger conferences in Miami, but Social Media Week Miami was indeed a great event. The event had a mix of different marketers and media professionals and not the regular group I usually see.  Seeing familiar faces is great don’t get me wrong, but its nice to meet new people, and truly network.

As there was not thousands of people to swim through, the nice part was that my business partner Natasha Pongonis and I were able to go deeper with folks and really get to know them. As such we had had a nice opportunity to chat with great people such as some very entrepreneurial trailblazers from Spain as well as the owner of a New York non-profit organization helping to fight obesity among children.

My session, The Untapped Opportunity with Hispanics and Social Media was well attended and I was glad to have an experienced panel with me. The De La Riva group brought two seasoned Hispanic marketers and it was very interesting having their insights in Hispanic market research for big brands across the US and Latin America.  Also, Jeannette Kaplun from Hispana Global was as amazing as ever, and gave the audience true insights into her bilingual approach to the Hispanic market. She stressed the importance of good content first when engaging the Hispanic millennial audience.

Social Media Week Miami marked the first time my partner and I both presented at a Social Media Week, but hopefully not the last! Natasha herself presented on a panel discussing social media analytics and ROI.  Her panel presented to a crowded room of professionals interested in hearing their insights.  Click the video to see a few images from that presentation.  

Personally the highlight was hearing the man himself of Domino’s Pizza lore, Ramon DeLeon as he rocked the audience with his stories of blowing people away with great customer service.  His stories will make every brand self-evaluate which is one of his missions.

Overall, it was a great experience at SMW Miami, Natasha and I will definitely be back.

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