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AMA Phoenix Presentation – Phoenix Marketing Minds Unite to Talk Marketing Measurement

By October 9, 2014October 30th, 2014No Comments

Quality over Quantity

Overall the attendance for the October 9th AMA Phoenix Hispanic marketing event was not as high as I had hoped.  However, the good thing was that the roughly 20-25 people that came were very influential Phoenix marketing minds that are highly regarded here in the valley.  Ironically, the fact that there were fewer marketers in attendance, but those that were there came from high levels of great agencies, went with one of the slides for my presentation about marketing measurement in that quality is often more important than quantity. During the presentation as well as afterwards I had several great conversations with Phoenix agency leaders at Defero, Lane Terralever, and New Angle Media. I was satisfied that the content that I had put my effort into was able to reach such a high level audience and am happy that the AMA Phoenix was thoughtful enough to put this event together.

The Presentation

Below is the full Prezi that was presented at the session on October 9th. Feel free to share the presentation which you can find below and you can connect with me on LinkedIn here:

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