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How Many Latinos in the US on Instagram

By January 13, 2016January 27th, 2016No Comments

Instagram has exploded in popularity over the past few years, especially with Latinos in the US. While the social channel is not as popular as Facebook is in term of users, the photo-sharing app does have more Hispanic users than on Twitter due to its growth over the past few years. This is important to keep in mind as your company decides which channels would be optimal for your Hispanic campaign as well as which language would appeal to your audience.

Let’s look at the numbers:

13.1 Million US Hispanics use Instagram 

Today there are approximately 13.1 million US Hispanics on Instagram. Of that amount 4.1 million Hispanics or 31% prefer Spanish and would most likely follow an Instagram page providing Spanish Content. 5.8 million Hispanics or 44% favor English and are most likely to follow an Instagram page that has English content. Finally, 3.3 million Hispanics (25%) are bilingual and would follow an Instagram page profile in either language.

The graphic below helps to visualize:

latinos in the us

Calculations of Hispanics on Instagram:

1. Total US Hispanic Adults over 18 = 38.4MM based on 2014 US Census estimates.
2.Total US Hispanic Instagram Users = 13.1MM (38.4 * 34%).  Based on Pew 2014 Social Media Demographic data.
3. Spanish Dominant US Hispanics = 4.1MM (13.1MM * 31%). Combines Latin Americans and all Spanish favoring Hispanics in the US.
4. English Dominant US Hispanics = 5.8MM (13.1MM * 44%). Includes 2nd and 3rd generation Hispanics and all other English favoring Hispanics.
5. Bilingual US Hispanics = 3.3MM (13.1MM * 25%). The large portion of Hispanics whom are comfortable with either language.

Which Language do Hispanics Prefer?

Hispanics preferring Spanish would most likely prefer to follow pages that offers content in Spanish such as Toyota Latino or T-Mobile Latino. Hispanics that use English as their primary language will most likely follow pages that primarily provide content in English such as Knorr. Bilingual Hispanics tend to follow pages that have content in both English and Spanish. A few good examples are the Latino Pride and Prince Royce Instagram pages.


How do these Instagram figures compare with what you would imagined?   What other factors are key when determining the tonality of messaging to Latinos in the US?  Share your thoughts in the Comments below.


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