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How can we Kickstart “Gen-Z” on their Career Path?

At the end of last year, December 18-19 2020, our cofounder, Natasha Pongonis of both Nativa Multicultural Communications and O.Y.E. Business Intelligence was invited to speak at El País con tu Futuro, a conference aimed to guide students aged 16-18 to answer the age-old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Attendees of the event were able to listen to over 40 diverse guest speakers across multiple industries speak about their careers, achievements, setbacks, and most importantly how they got to where they are today. Additionally, students were able to have one-on-ones with the professionals of their choice to learn more about that specific industry and ask any questions they may have regarding their personal journey.

Natasha spoke about her extensive background that eventually led to finding her passion in marketing. Natasha began her career when she studied architecture in Belgium, then transferring to Argentina. While working on her thesis, she discovered her passion for marketing through her work at a European company. It’s great to show students how experimenting in different fields can help determine your long-term goals.

Watch Natasha’s 8-Minute Presentation here:

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Learn about Natasha’s Role at Nativa, alongside our other Employees, on our About page!

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