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Welcome to our new Phoenix interns! 

As Nativa gets settled into the new year, we have also brought on 4 new interns. Interns work on projects that interest them to get hands-on work in the marketing industry through Nativa’s different channels. This semester we have Fallin, Ari, Claire, and Vic to welcome to our Phoenix team.

Let’s take a look at what the interns are up to at Nativa!

nativa welcomes new phoenix interns

From the left, Claire, Ari, and Fallin at the office.


Fallin Smith – Recent Graduate on the Rise

Fallin is an Arizona State graduate with a major in Marketing. She recently completed a short study on the top streaming brands using the O.Y.E Intelligence software from our sister analytics company. Additionally, she is in charge of the O.Y.E Intelligence social channels where she updates followers on the company and the new things they are putting out. Fallin also works closely with our co-founder Natasha Pongonis to build our network with fellow businesses for future developments.

Ariadne Bencomo – Upcoming Marketing Graduate

Ariadne (Ari) works on RockinPost, our branch to reach influencers and create connections in the influencer community. She is currently a senior at Arizona State pursuing her degree in Marketing as well. At RockinPost, she directly reaches out to influencers to promote our client’s products and sends them merchandise boxes. She also runs social media to maintain the RockinPost audience and repertoire. Ari also works on our TikTok audience by showcasing the behind-the-scenes of our office, having us learn the latest dance, or participating in challenges!

nativa welcomes new interns

Rockin Post’s TikTok testing our music knowledge.

Trying out the #whippedcreamchallenge.


Claire Sheriff – Marketing Creative in the Making

Claire is a junior at Arizona State University majoring in Marketing with minors in Fashion and Digital Audiences. She focuses on short studies and working on the Nativa side of things. Claire runs the social channels for the Nativa accounts by updating our audience about the latest blogs, what our partners are involved in, and creating brand awareness for our branded accounts. She also creates the blogs and newsletters for Nativa operations. Lastly, she assists Natasha Pongonis on personal brand-building content that promotes her endeavors and speaking opportunities.

Viorel Vic Bozin – Professional Sales Major in Training

Finally, we have Vic, our intern that works closely with the Columbus, Ohio office on government contracts. Specifically, he works closely with Natasha on vendor outreach events and ensuring they stay organized. Outside of the office, he is a Marketing major with an emphasis in Professional Sales at Arizona State. Additionally, he looks for forecasts as well as researching NAICS codes related to Nativa in regard to government contracting agencies.

Join us in a warm welcome to our new Phoenix interns!


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