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eric diaz goes on paternity leave with fiance
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March 5, 2021

So What is Nativa’s Paternity Leave Policy?

My Wife's Water Broke 2 Weeks Early My wife's water broke an hour after the email I wrote to one of my favorite clients. In the email, I mentioned that two weeks from now there…
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Diversity & InclusionMulticultural Marketing
February 24, 2021

Honoring Black History Month at Nativa

Black History Month at Nativa As Black History Month (BHM) winds to a close, we wanted to share how Nativa is working to create conversation in our communities about the importance of Black history and…
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Diversity & Inclusion
October 2, 2020

Instagram vs. Reality: Body Positivity through the Lens of Diverse Audiences

Body Positivity is an online movement started in order to create a safe for black women to feel comfortable in their bodies. We recently used O.Y.E. software to provide an analysis of the online conversation…
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Racial Equality and corporate diversity
Diversity & InclusionPresentations
August 5, 2020

Racial Equality and Corporate Diversity: Are Businesses Walking the Talk?

This past July 28, Eric Diaz, our cofounder of both Nativa Multicultural Communications and O.Y.E. Business Intelligence was interviewed for a discussion on the role racial equality and corporate diversity is taking in the Black Lives Matter movement. In the video…
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