Business to Consumer

Newsletters/E-mail Marketing 

Nativa is fully prepared to launch an effective and dependable e-mail marketing campaign. Nativa will use the following steps to ensure that all information can be disseminated to stakeholders with ease of readability and pertinent information:

  • Identify and tailor emails to the correct recipients. Nativa will gather data from geographic locations and online habits to ensure engagement.
  • Personalize the emails by identifying engaging details such as name and using the same address to build trust with recipients.
  • Employ the best graphic design practices to make the information readable and exciting to relate with.
  • Include a call to action that will lead to the recipient interacting with the information and give AFLCMC the proper leads and data to improve the marketing campaign.


Nativa advertising process delivers media-buying plans to advance key objectives. Our team utilizes traditional, digital, and social media channels to form effective, cost-efficient campaign strategies that includes the creation of messages, photos, and video content (both traditional and carousel) to reach target audiences and identifies the best platforms for each segment of the audience (age, interests, geographic location, etc.). Nativa’s advertising management includes these five elements:

Strategy: Creation of the message and usage of imagery/video to complement current efforts of the brand. Additionally, Nativa will identify the best online ad platforms which includes communication with account reps for each platform.
Geo-Fencing: Using GPS capabilities, Nativa will target online users who are geographically located within specific zip codes in the U.S. or even by intersections that define our target audience.
Execution: The team will set ads to go live through the various websites and platforms established during the strategy stage of the ad campaign.
Optimization: The team will optimize the campaign on a daily basis based on ad performance ensuring in this way the best utilization of budget and success of the campaign.
ROI-Reporting: The team will provide full reports of the performance for each ad campaign allowing this data to be the baseline for future campaigns. 

Media Buying and Ad Placement

Nativa will deliver marketing and media-buying expertise to advance the AFLCMC/AFSAC communication objectives. We will utilize traditional, digital, and social media channels to form an effective, cost-efficient, and integrated campaign that will reach the target audience. We will identify, and articulate key points of differentiation so that the Air Force can leverage their traditional channels in the most effective way possible. We will then tactically execute those points with media placements that effectively reach residents in Ohio and visitors. Our process of developing and executing digital content for the Air Force is based on a proven 2-phase process below.

Phase I – Research. Conduct an exhaustive brand and messaging assessment to become fully immersed in the Air Force existing brand platform, so we can then identify areas of refinement in the brand’s positioning, voice, innovative approach, and key attributes.
Phase II – Develop. Nativa will bring our research to life and strategically place media buys that showcase AFLCMC/AFSAC and core values. Nativa will ensures a transparent reporting process so the Air Force know how their dollars are being spent, and our insights determine which tactics are most effective. Campaign performance metrics can include: CPV (Cost per View), CPE (Cost per Engagement), and CTR (Click through Rate). These metrics can be reported as often as the Air Force sees fit.

The Nativa media team will work with vendors to negotiate and secure the best media placements possible at cost-effective rates.


Nativa will monitor conversations, engagement, and provide weekly/monthly reporting with recommendations to the AFLCMC/AFSAC team regarding brand awareness strategy and online community building to maximize the following metrics:

  • Organic social sharing
  • Video Views
  • Impressions & Engagements 

Communications & Advertising Services

Nativa’s team of graphic designers carefully created both digital and print materials that maintained the essence of the Air National Guard while integrating culturally relevant imagery that resonated with our client’s target audience. Our advertising experts tapped into our relationships with iHeart Radio as well as Google AdWords to set up long- term campaigns to deliver the awareness message that our client desired.

Nativa developed key partnerships with high schools and universities that educate student bodies matching the demographics sought by the Air National Guard. Finally, Nativa developed a plan for the placements of signs, banners, and printed promotional materials such as sport programs and flyers to add an important tangible element to this recruiting campaign.

Nativa’s team implemented a digital advertising and print campaign exceeding the requirements stated on the contract by successfully targeting multicultural affinity groups. Nativa lowered the cost per view from a stated $0.40 down to $0.03 after only one month of optimization. After saving the agency over $100,000 for the first 3 months, Nativa provided additional recommendations to strategically reallocate budget aimed to maximize ROI for the duration of the campaign.