Creation and design of a brand awareness strategy that clearly communicates the value proposition and goals of our client brand.


Our team reviews all available content from our client, sets goals and decides how to best approach the targeted market. Included in our research are insights gathered by our proprietary social media monitoring technology OYE! to provide additional data into consumer’s opinions on the brand or topic. A combination of these inputs allows us to share with our client specific insights and recommendations to achieve their set goals throughout the year.


Our analysis for a major Silicon Valley technology company showed that 78% of Hispanic online conversations mentioning their brand were in English, with 15% Spanish and 7% Bilingual. This surprised the client which was under the impression that most (if not all) Hispanic mentions would be in Spanish. Among other insights provided; 80% of the conversations on Twitter were from organizations, with the remaining 12% and 8% being posted by women and men respectively. This served as a key starting point to gaining more conversations from Hispanic women which was a key goal of the campaign.