Through a combination of research, expertise and consideration of our client’s brand positioning, target markets, budget, and timeline; we evaluate and implement digital ad campaigns across viable digital networks.


Each digital channel is evaluated and included after careful consideration of the organization’s overall campaign goals. Our focus is to optimize ad campaigns daily based on their performance ensuring the best utilization of budget for each campaign. We create landing pages that are optimized to reach specific audiences and ads are set to target digital users on Facebook, Google, Instagram and more. Lastly, a CRM is established when needed to manage new leads entering the system and manage their progress through the sales funnel.


One of the largest public universities in the country was able to grow their pipeline substantially in a short period, gaining over 400 leads within weeks of campaign launch. Our team was able to effectively measure the performance of all ads using tracking pixels among other tactics to lower the cost per lead by over 80% to under $20 per lead.