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Christina enjoying her time at a museum in Seoul South Korea.

The Busiest Semester

This past semester has been one of the most productive semesters of my college career. During the fall semester of my junior year, I was a full-time student, a part-time worker, and an intern. Safe to say, I had a pretty busy semester! While interning at Nativa, I had so many amazing opportunities to work in the areas of marketing that I wanted to focus on. I gained more experiences with social media marketing and content creation that helped me understand social media marketing in a new light.  My experiences as an intern at Nativa and RockinPost will follow me to other internships and future jobs.

Grade School Interests Accomplished in 2020

Ever since middle school, I have had a fascination with social media. At Nativa, I was able to lean into this fascination and use all of the knowledge that I had acquired over the years to help boost the companies social media channels. I learned so much about the social media space and was allowed to create content for a platform called RockinPost both on Instagram and on TikTok. From the start of creating content on these platforms, I began to learn more about the algorithm that runs these social media platforms. Not only did I work on Instagram and TikTok, but I was also able to work on Twitter. For one hour each day, I would work on the four main social channels for Nativa and O.Y.E. to gain followership and awareness. Spending this time on these social channels allowed me to learn more about each platform and how they differ from each other. I helped the Nativa Twitter account gain 30 followers, the Nativa Instagram account gain 20 followers, the O.Y.E. Twitter account gain 10 followers, and the O.Y.E. Instagram gain 10 followers during the course of the semester.

Real Client Influencer Opportunity

One of the biggest projects I worked on at Nativa was the Got2b 2021 Influencer campaign. This project helped me learn more about influencer markets and how businesses work with influencers. This project was very interesting to me in terms of discovering the different classifications of influencers and how they differ in terms of reach and engagement rate. During this project, I was able to speak to mega-influencers directly and find out if it was viable for Got2b to work with these types of influencers for campaigns like this. 

Members of the Phoenix office participating in the TikTok Ghost Photo-Shoot challenge.

Content creation is difficult: this is one of the main lessons I learned when tasked to create content for the RockinPost TikTok and to utilize different features on other social platforms to increase interactions. While coming up with ideas for what to post is hard, actually creating the content was so much fun! One of my favorite pieces of content I created was a TikTok where my colleagues and I dressed up as ghosts for a video during the week of Halloween. While this TikTok had the least amount of views out of all the content I posted on this platform, it was the most fun to make. The best part about the RockinPost TikTok and Instagram is the freedom to post what you want. The content still has to fit the aesthetic and the tone of the page itself, however, this page is very lenient on what type of content you can post. My creativity was never once squashed in terms of content creation; it was embraced!

A Dose of Social Analytics

I was also able to take a closer look at the analytics side of marketing by creating three short studies for O.Y.E. When I first found out that I had secured a spot as an intern for the Fall semester at Nativa, I was most excited about the social media aspect of the internship and looked over the analytical side. However, creating short studies has been very eye-opening and I’m very appreciative that I was able to learn more about this area of marketing. These short studies allowed me to work on my research skills and my writing skills. One of my short studies was even turned into a Nativa podcast, which opened another opportunity for me to work on the podcast channel and the YouTube page as well. 

Christina taking in the views at South Mountain in Phoenix.

Team Members Make a Difference!

I worked with a colleague at Nativa, Jake Campbell, to create a layout and write video titles for the Nativa Videocast YouTube channel. Jake was easy to work with and listened to me when I gave my opinions about how we can improve the videocast/podcast’s YouTube channel! We worked together on the channel/podcast for several months, in the end, we created a YouTube channel that looks great and has amazing content!

I want to end this with a thank you to Eric Diaz for believing in me! Putting me at the forefront of large projects like the 2021 Got2b influencer campaign and allowing me to work with Jake on the YouTube channel was a great experience and I appreciate that he trusted me enough to have me take such a large role in important projects like these!


Christina Fisher will graduate from Arizona State University in 2022 from the W.P. Carey School of Business.

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