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Five Tips To Work From Home

As with most other marketing agencies, due to COVID-19, Nativa is operating entirely from home to prevent spreading the virus and to help our community. We know that sometimes it can be hard to work from home because we may feel distracted, isolated, unmotivated and (to be honest) pretty hungry at times!

We have learned over the past two weeks that it’s essential to create a routine and set boundaries because working from home requires tons of self-discipline. Below we share five tips that can help you maintain productivity levels.

Tips to work from home1. Put on Work Clothes

Working in your pajamas may sound incredible, but it can lower your productivity level and make you want to go to bed again. As USA Today mentions, it is important to wear whatever makes you comfortable – even if it is sweatpants and a t-shirt.

2. Don’t Work from Bed

We know that it is tempting, but try to avoid it and look for a space in the house that has natural light and makes you feel inspired.

3. Create your Workstation

Find space within the house that has a table and make it look nice. Discover the set up in your home that you won’t mind working from for a few hours at a time. Also, throughout the week change locations to make your new location feel different.

4. Track your Accomplishments

Make a to-do list and keep track of what is getting done and what you are going to leave for later. To help make things happen, make a schedule that allows you to feel productive throughout the day.

5. Take Breaks and Don’t Eat at Your Desk

When you take a break to eat, try not to do it in front of the computer. Change your space so you can fully enjoy your meal. After finishing your work, close your laptop, notebooks, clear out your desk and have fun with a hobby you like. It could be exercising, reading, cooking or whatever makes you feel good. In an article published by Forbes, the author says it is essential for your physical and mental health to spend time outside every day.


It is not hard to work from home; you have to find your own way to feel inspired and proactive. We hope these five tips to work from home help to accomplish more during these challenging days.

Stay Safe!

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