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Business Closures Nationwide

In March, the first fears of the global pandemic arose. Many businesses, especially small and local, were uneasy about the forthcoming economic hardships. It quickly became the survival of the fittest. For example, La Grande Orange, an Arcadia (Phoenix) neighborhood spot, quickly adapted and began selling toilet paper, face masks, and other essential items. Some businesses provided at-home delivery, online ordering, and curbside pick-up. There was no lack of creativity when it came to remaining afloat in this sea of uncertainty. However, some weren’t as resilient. According to Yelp’s local economic report, the hardest-hit businesses were retail stores and restaurants. Yelp also reported, that as of August 31, 2020, 97,966 total businesses had closed permanently which had been previously marked open March 1.  

How is Nativa doing their part?

As an increase in business closures continue, it has become crucial to support small businesses. Here at the Phoenix Nativa office, we have made it a priority to eat locally every Tuesday. We’ve been able to support local Phoenix restaurants The Beach HouseBerry Berry Best Acai BowlsThe Stand, and countless others.

Eric Diaz, partner and co-founder of Nativa, says, “I believe that the least we can do is support other small businesses by allocating our dollars towards their products (including food!) whenever possible.”

Two The Stand employees in Phoenix, AZ man the drive-thru. 

Nativa’s Experience

Here at Nativa, it has also been a tough year just like it has for most businesses. We also had a financial decline at the beginning of 2020, however, we have been helped by several organizations with grants and other programs that have been beneficial for us. Two of those organizations that provided financial support, in particular, have been Salesforce as well as the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Several satisfied customers of Phoenix local restaurants! From left, Nativa employees Eric Diaz, Andres Sanchez, Joshua Jarukaruta, Erica Rojas, and Christina Fisher.

Other ways you can help Small Business

With money tight, Christina Fisher, an intern at Nativa suggests how we can all support small businesses without spending any, even from our homes.

“You can also interact with these local businesses on social media, which will boost their analytics and increase their exposure.”

Christina sums it up by stating that if you aren’t able to help small and local businesses financially, you can still help out by liking, commenting & sharing their social media posts.

Now get out there, and order some takeout 🙂

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