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My name is Allison Bender and ​​this Fall 2023 semester, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to serve as a marketing intern at Nativa Multicultural Communications. I am a senior at Arizona State University studying Global Health, Spanish, and Convention Sales and Meeting Planning. While my academic focus has been diverse, my interest in marketing led me to seek hands-on experience in the industry to enhance my technical skills and deepen my understanding of the marketing industry.

Eager to find a marketing internship in the area, my older sister, Grace Bender, recommended Nativa to me as she worked as a marketing intern here last spring. Her amazing experiences with Nativa sparked my interest and prompted me to follow in her footsteps. 

Working hard in the office!

Having previously undertaken an online marketing internship over the summer, I wanted to transition to an in-person role. I wanted an environment where I could work with a welcoming and dedicated team, and Nativa was the perfect match. The inclusive and welcoming work environment inspires a sense of enthusiasm that has me looking forward to each day in the office. Nativa has truly been the immersive and team-oriented experience I was looking for.

Throughout this semester, my internship at Nativa Multicultural Communications has been filled with diverse projects, giving me hands-on experience in various aspects of the marketing industry. From influencer campaigns for Got2b to vaccine promotion for Coconino County Health and Human Services, managing the social media presence of Nativa and RockinPost, creating blogs for Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio, and accuracy testing for OYE, each project has contributed significantly to my growth.

At the beginning, I was a little nervous as I entered the internship because I was lacking extensive formal marketing training. However, under the mentorship of Eric Diaz and the constant support of Gaby, Josh, and Celina, the uncertainty that I felt quickly faded. Their willingness to guide me through each task and answer any questions I had ensured my success and made me feel like a valued member of the team.

Working closely with Coconino County Health and Human Services and Got2b has been particularly rewarding. The Coconino County health campaign was specifically of interest to me because it was a great way to connect my school work to the internship as I was able to connect what I have learned in my global health classes to marketing. Being involved in these projects has provided me with a unique perspective on campaign development. The hands-on approach has allowed me to not only contribute meaningfully but has also made me feel like an important part of the team. Going beyond my initial expectations, this internship has given me skills and insights that extend far beyond the conventional classroom setting.

My time at Nativa Multicultural Communications has been incredibly transformative. Under the guidance of Eric Diaz and the collaborative spirit of the entire team, my initial nervousness turned into confidence, and I now leave this internship with a wide range of personal and professional skills. I am completing this internship with a better idea of the type of career I want after college and as I embark on the next chapter of my journey, I am very grateful and eager to apply the skills I gained at Nativa.


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