Through Influencer Management our clients are able to broadcast their message, event, or brand name effectively to the community through a network of general market or Latino bloggers/influencers that communicate daily with this specific audience.


Our team selects, coordinates and manages influential bloggers/influencers to promote awareness of targeted campaigns in the U.S. and Latin America. We provide bloggers with guidance and expected deliverables to maximize ROI and engagement with their audience. Our team minimizes costs in working with bloggers and arranges situations where these influencers can try products and write about their experience, expressing an honest and authentic point of view to their audience.


Our team provides a major national retailer with access to a network of 10 influential Latino bloggers on a monthly basis. These influencers test out different products found in our client’s nationwide stores and write thoughtful, seasonal-friendly articles that highlight the positive experiences they have shopping in our clients' locations. On a weekly basis, these blogs provide over 2,000 unique views and keep the audience engaged for over 5 minutes on average on the retailer’s website through 2017.