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The Importance of Blogs and SEO

Blogging is a powerful tool Nativa utilizes as a part of our online marketing strategy as it allows us to share about our business, the services we provide, as well as to share our thoughts on areas relevant to the advertising industry. With the steady development of blogs, your company can also develop your brand personality and improve your online presence. A wide variety of blogs will also increase web traffic as it expands your Search-Engine Optimization (SEO). A solid SEO strategy makes it easy for potential customers to find your website if they need information, or are looking for insights on a relevant topic.

How Terkel has Streamlined Blogs

To help with the blog writing process, Nativa has partnered with Terkel, which allows us to acquire quality content addressing critical issues quickly. The articles that Terkel provides contain quotes and opinions from industry professionals and are absolutely free. Terkel even allows us to submit questions that industry experts can answer with tips and experiences relevant to our specific industry. Terkel collects the responses from these industry professionals and will curate the best responses and tips to pass on to Nativa. This helps Nativa to have a fully formed blog with professional opinions within a 1-2 week time period, quickly expanding our blog page.

Industry professionals talk about how Terkel has helped their brands

Terkel has helped over 400 brands with their blog writing and online content development.
Nativa Founder, Eric Diaz, was asked to share his thoughts on the blog writing service. He discusses the benefits of Terkel at minute-mark 1:43 of the below video. “Before Terkel we were lucky to have one post per month. Now, since Terkel, we can reliably depend on 2-3 great articles per month.”

We are grateful to Terkel for aiding us with our blog writing and helping us improve our online marketing. Read more blogs to learn about many of the other methods we implement in our online marketing strategies.

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