National Pork Board


Social Media Marketing


Nativa was hired by partner company, Solve Group, to run ads for the National Pork Board and increase brand presence on social media. Utilizing content provided and customized optimization, Nativa managed a strategic 2-month social media ad campaign utilizing the recently launched SoulfulPork’s Facebook and Instagram pages. The goal was to increase brand awareness and increase followership on their social media platforms. Ad targeting was readjusted during the second month of the campaign to increase page likes and engagement effectively.


In their 2-month partnership, Nativa launched 14 campaigns and 63 ads between the two platforms. Using AdEspresso, Nativa kept track of several analytics such as how much money was spent on each ad, how much page engagement came as a result of the ads, the cost per click and the cost per action. The top performing Instagram post reached nearly 1 million impressions and the top performing Facebook post had almost 2 million impressions. Many of these impressions led to 2,000+ clicks and interactions with the website. There were a wide variety of campaigns produced throughout this partnership, including video, carousel, story, and single-image ads, all designed to cater to the audience’s interests. 


The campaign had a total of 11,308,228 impressions and 402,292 engagement actions on Facebook and Instagram in the two month period. Nativa was able to break down audience demographics by age and gender, providing the National Pork Board with some suggestions of changes to be made to their regular content.  AdEspresso monitored audience interests in order to determine the right audience for these ads. Some of the target interests include pork, cooking, organic products, and cuisine. AdEspresso also helped to pinpoint specific regions where the target audience is located. The adjusted audience is located in areas such as New York, Kentucky, and Georgia. 

Nativa recommended boosting Instagram posts through the app in order to increase engagement, change the call to action (CTA) in the captions to encourage follows, and to allocate more budget to Instagram than Facebook. The cost per action on the highest performing Instagram post is $0.077 while the CPA for the highest performing Facebook post is $0.087. This collaboration helped boost engagement on the SoulfulPork’s Facebook and Instagram pages and set the accounts up for success. 


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