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Can You Order Us a Ride?

Rideshare apps have become a staple on all smartphones to assist in getting around town. They’ve proven controversial in many cities that have active and vocal taxi services as well as how well (or poorly) drivers are paid. As we know, rideshare apps, such as Uber and Lyft, allow a customizable experience where you choose the pickup time, what type of car (carpool, standard, or luxury), and exactly where you need to be picked up. It’s the easy ride for a night out, a cheap rental car alternative, or the perfect way to commute. So, we wanted to know which rideshare apps are discussed most among diverse audiences? 

For this report, the O.Y.E. social listening tool was implemented to gather insights regarding which rideshare app, Uber or Lyft, was more talked about and used by a diverse consumer base. From our own experiences, we spoke in our podcast about Uber and Lyft and why we think one may be more popular than the other. One big point we found is that the word ‘Uber’ is used as a general term for all rideshare services, similar to how we say Band-Aid or Kleenex instead of the formal term. The diverse consumers observed in the analysis discussed how necessary Uber is in other countries, empathy for rideshare drivers during the pandemic, and support with drivers during the Prop 22 ruling. (Prop 22 was a California ballot proposition to rule drivers as independent contractors, risking their employee benefits and other perks of the job. This is further discussed in the podcast.)

This analysis is extrapolated from a data set of 63,465 conversations on Twitter, of which 3,393 are from verified U.S. Hispanics and 6,042 are from verified Black Americans. All data was gathered between 12/13/2020 – 1/14/2021. Check out the resources below, including a downloadable case study, videocast, and podcast. Enjoy!

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rideshare apps among diverse audiences

Downloadable Case Study

Download the Case Study here: Which Rideshare Apps are Frequented Among Diverse Audiences?



See the full videocast here:


Listen to the full audio on Spotify here:

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