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Last week Natasha Pongonis, Nativa co-founder, was given the opportunity to speak at the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP). This was an initiative for the Office of the President: Building El Salvador’s Trade and Competitiveness in Textiles & Apparel to Strengthen Regional Economic Prosperity. Natasha shared in Spanish her presentation titled, “The Uses of Technology in Marketing and Branding”. It was an honor for Natasha to present to this group, and in doing so, she was able to prepare a multi-track virtual training about the use of technology for branding for a selected group of textile and apparel companies in Latin America, specifically El Salvador.

How Can a Small Brand Utilize Technology in Marketing and Branding?

Natasha emphasized the top three most important factors when it comes to branding are; name, color, and sentiment. This allows a brand to capture the essence of its products or branding message. It creates a clear, concise, and consistent message from the store to the consumer’s home. She declared that visual identity is the brand’s personality. Another important piece of the brand’s personality is a powerful slogan. This is a concise and catchy way to position a brand and leave an impact with the audience.

Natasha touched on the importance of considering geographical and cultural factors within a brand’s marketing plan. Globalization within a brand is extremely important as you want the product to be successful across various countries and cultures.

Lastly, Natasha taught various ways to properly promote a company through the company website, social channels, blogs, influencers, email marketing, and promotional videos. There are so many ways to expand a brand and it’s extremely important to utilize those. Natasha spoke on the impact a website can have on consumer behavior along with how easy it is to create one! Of course, she also had to mention the necessity of a social media presence and utilizing influencers to heighten awareness.

This was an incredible opportunity for Natasha to speak to various El Salvadoran brands to improve their marketing plans and long-term path to success.

Natasha speaks for the US department of commerce for the cldp program

Natasha Pongonis before presenting for the U.S. Dept of Commerce.

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